Monday, April 09, 2007

Suki-Sushi Buffet with HSA colleagues

Clockwise (bottom left) Yongtat, Noel, Myself, Jasmine, Tommy

Yesterday went to eat suki-sushi with HSA colleagues, so as to mark a final farewell to the 3 guys, Yongtat,Noel and Tommy who will be going to Army this coming week. By the time I blog this entry, Noel will be shaving his hair in Tekong already. Jiejie and Zhaoyan couldn't attend yesterday.

I must say it was the fullest buffet i ever had. I really eat until I could feel my stomach protruding. Not belly, stomach! You can feel the segregation of your stomach and your little belly. Haha, the rest also feel it that way. Up till now, I still can feel the withdrawal effects...stomach bloated, see food also feel like vomitting.

The amount of plates we ate...

It's tall enuff to cover Noel

Tommy could eat his food easily

Too full that we can't even move

Haha...more pics here!

Suki-Sushi Buffet with HSA colleagues

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