Sunday, April 01, 2007

Supper with AJC brothers

Went out to eat supper with Wenchuan and Tiensoon just now. Hmm, Wenchuan saw my msn display pic and complain that I look very thin now, hhaha, so ask me to come out eat supper to grow fatter. I don't want to be fatter leh, I want to be stronger!!!

Wenchuan and Myself

Tien Soon and Myself

Long never meet them up, due to my busy schedule, didn't attend Tiensoon's Birthday Celebration. Went to this 'Crabshack' near my place, hmm...nothing special about the crabs lah, but the Crab Baked Rice superb! Free go there and try, cost $6.90 only.

Later went to this extremely expensive HongKong dimsum shop near my place also, aye, food sux, expensive. 1 star, no..1/2 a star only lah.

Shall meet you guys soon again, sorry for not attending most of the mini gatherings ah. But I will try to attend in future ... hehe.

Driving lesson today , hmm... i was sweating. I think i still couldn't get rid of my driving phobia. Same thing, my car still die fire, and today my instructor ask me to go abit further. He said there's some improvement,but as usual, my steering is still very weak! No sense of directions at all...aye. He said next week increase to 2 hrs, focus on steering, and drive from ubi to National stadium area...i was like..huh?!

Siao liao!

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