Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wanping's 21st Birthday!

Finally its Wanping's turn to be the headline on my blog! Haha...its her 21st Birthday party today, held at her house with buffet.

Saw some familiar faces like Zhixiang, Jeremy, Miaoting, Guijin and Joyce. I was rather shocked to see Joyce around, as I don't know how she is link to Wanping. When she extend her greetings to me, I was stunned, and was wondering who the hell is this girl. Then see clearly...oh..JOYCE! My AJC guitar club section 3 mates sia!

Joyce and Myself

Wanping opening her birthday present...its a Bikini! Not my idea...haha. Only chipped in $$$ only...too bad lah, she never wear to show us. =P

Wanping and Myself

Miaoting, Wanping, Guijin, Zhixiang, Myself and Jeremy

Zhixiang, the man with alot of ideas, introduce us with a game. Hard to explain here, but damn funny. We were like laughing non-stop and Guijin even complained that she laughed until stomach cramp..haha. By the end of this game, all of us were mostly brain-dead, and totally shacked~

Look at Dominic, Miaoting and Jeremy... hahha! All laughing and playing like crazy!

The four musketeers! Guijin, Wanping, Zhixiang and Myself

We had lots of fun in AJC...

Though life sux...we suffered through A levels, boring tutorials, time-consuming PE lessons, PON-ing lectures and not forgetting eating cheap western food and wan-ton mee!

Hope you had enjoyed your 21st Birthday party to the fullest Wanping!

More pics:
Wanping's 21st Birthday

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