Thursday, May 31, 2007

ChewHwee's 21st Birthday

Celebrated my pri sch friend, Chew Hwee, A.k.a Marion's 21st birthday at Singapore Quality Hotel. Together with Zhihao, Lanyan, Jacqueline and Myself, not forgetting Chewhwee's SIM, Xin Min Sec friends, family and relatives, we shared her joy together.

A little intro about ChewHwee, haha... cos I seldom intro my Pri school friends on my blog. To me, she's always that little princess, who get much loves from her parents. She's very girl type, next time grow up sure become a very good wife! After Pri school, she moved on to Xin Min sec, and later Serangoon JC. She was in the same class with my sec sch friends, Weiliang and Shixian during the first 3 months of JC life. After JC, I went to Millenia tower Citibank for part time job, and coincidentally, she also worked in Citibank, but at a different branch. However, she encountered some unhappy incidents, so as a friend, I shared my experiences with her, giving my utmost support when she needed most.

Myself with Jacqueline

Emo with Zhihao

Myself with Lanyan

The birthday girl with her Bodyguards!

We simply had too much to talk again. Though we had chatted alot during Jacqueline's Birthday, but we just talk non-stop. Guess we really have not seen each other for ages. Jacqueline was thinking of having a WPS overseas tour someday, we agreed, but lets wait until when we save enough $$$$. Zhihao is going on a diving trip sometime next month with Zhiquan. Realised this world is damn small, everyone seems to know each other. Zhihao knows Zhiquan and Shixian, Chew Hwee knows Weiliang and Shixian, Jacqueline knows mindy, because Mindy pri sch close friend same class with Jacqueline during the Cedar days. Jacqueline's Sister knows Melissa. Wah... I think if I continues further, I will really bring everyone together. This world is so small, or issit purely coincidence?

Chewhwee posing with Cake

Pri sch friends with Chew Hwee

Chew Hwee with Family (From left: Boyfriend, Mother, CH, Father, Brother)

While we were taking photos, Zhihao notice something, and I quickly asked him to snap it down!

Whose cute tatoo?!!

Haha, Jacqueline's! Our obedient ex-wps head prefect! Lol, relax my other pri school friends, its fake one, she got it from her bali trip. According to her, it will fade away in 2 weeks time. Haha, Zhihao and myself got a shock when we first saw that. Lol.

After cake cutting session, we played this dice game. I don't really know how to play, just shake the dice, then got help from Zhihao , Lanyan and Jacqueline. We were divided into 3 team, Pri sch team, Sec sch team, and SIM team. Don't know lah, its another game that requires us to use our brain again. Haha... we will win money if we guess correctly, and the money can be used to bid presents.

After this game, Chewhwee's father got a surprise for us. He fork out 3 Ang Paos, and ask us to choose. There's $50, $20, and $10. The WPS team got the $20 Ang Pao and we spend it on Taxi Fare. The rest of the money goes to the WPS party fund. Haha...

The sec sch team

The WPS team VS-ing the SIM team...tension...

The sec sch team, and the SIM team.

Next Party coming up...SHUTING'S 21st birthday, stay tuned!!!
10 JUNE 2007.

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