Sunday, May 27, 2007

East Coast Park with buddies

Went to ECP with Weiliang, Kenneth, Zhiquan and Junwen today. Supposed to blade with them, but I was afraid to embarrass myself infront of public(Since i don't know how to blade), so I took the bicycle instead. Haha, cycling around, taking pics, looking at the scenery. Kenneth got to join his parents for lunch, so he came later to join us. Heard from weiliang, Cheryl, Melissa and Kailun supposed to join us, but one of them cannot make it, so the other 2 also didn't come.

Getting ready for the blade

Chatting at one point

It had been ages since I cycled in a park. Really enjoyed myself alot , you know, that kind of feeling, detaching yourself from the fast paced society. No stress , and you don't have to rush. Close your eyes and listen to the calming sea breeze, let the wind blow on your face and let it hit on your ears. The weather was good today, though it drizzle a little. But nevertheless, that few drops of water did not dampen our mood!

The cloudy sky!

It starts to drizzle, if you see clearly, you can see the rainbow.

After blading and cycling, we've decided to sit down at the nearby granite rock. Joking around, digging out secrets and laughing at others doing stupid stuffs.

After the blading and cycle session, Zhiquan drove us to this shopping center at Marine Parade. Had dinner at Crystal Jade, Weiliang suddenly got high and start to talk alot of stuffs. I was so amused by him that I laughed till my tears was at the side of my eyes! Just some lame stuffs lah, haha...but I just couldn't stop laughing.

Must say junwen is really good in "Cai Quan". We all lost to him , haha. Anyway, all of us did not had enough cash with us, so we decided to use 'Caiquan' to pick up the lucky one, who will then foot the bill with debit card. Haha...Kenneth was the lucky star, and I paid him $1.00 less. Lol... next time treat you eat dessert.HAHha...

I guess maybe its because Great Singapore Sale is around everywhere, and I just couldn't control my temptation. In the end, I bought 2 pants, 2 shirts, 1 pair of slippers, and spent around $150.00... siao liao!!!! I think I will have to eat plain rice only when I go vietnam with Firmin, hahaha...

After that went to Timezone to play the basketball game. Haha, I heard from some of my friends that this game is now very hot in Taiwan. That time played with my HSA colleagues, played until I got no breathe. But still very lousy, guess I getting Old sia...

Weiliang and Zhiquan tag team...pls look at the highest score on the left.

They managed to hit the highest score...but not able to break it!!! It was near there!!!


Oh...anyway, I guessed you people would have notice the NDP banner on top of my blog. Just want to show my support to my army friends in 35SCE who are busy involving in the shows and rehearsals. Please bear in mind, while you are watching NDP'07, there are many unselfish personnels who sacrifice their precious weekends for the public, and alot of effort has been put in to ensure the success of NDP'07. All the best my friends!!!

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