Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jacqueline's 21st Birthday Celebration

Celebrated Jacqueline's 21st Birthday celebration at Misubishi Motorola showroom today, near red hill Mrt station. Was together with ChewHwee,Lanyan, Zhihao and Eric.

Shall introduce Jacqueline to my friends out there! Okay, we were all from this humble school, call Westlake Primary. Jacqueline was our Head Prefect. Coincidentally, our class of 6D seemed to hold many of the leadership position in wps, and thus, we had many working opportunities with Jacqueline. She was once very shy and didn't like to perform and take pictures. But now...she is able to sing to the public! Her once rumoured boyfriend was Zhihao, but unfortunately, she's attached now! She not only excels in studies, but in sports as well. I think she's the smartest among us, because she landed herself in Hwa Chong JC...(woah!) Who says pretty ladies are without brains? Jacqueline proves to all that she's ain't a bimbo!!!

Zhihao and Jacqueline...the rumoured couple.

Coincidentally, Zhihao happened to be in the same army unit..(NAVAL DIVING UNIT SIa~~) with Zhiquan, my secondary school friend.

Myself, Lanyan and Zhihao acting cute

Myself with Chew Hwee

Zhihao and myself tried to act cool, but ended up comparing our nostrils differences.

Myself with Zhihao, we thought this pic looked COOL..aha.

Many others couldn't attend due to exams. But never mind, i shall see you all in the coming Westlake Pri gathering...organised by Eebing! Haha. Today most of the time was spent singing, and first time heard chewhwee,lanyan,jacqueline and zhihao singing power! I think many of us had grown up, though there were quite a number of strangers around, but we were thick-skinned enough to pick up the mike and sing our hearts out! That chew hwee ah, pick Liang San Po and Juliye, and ask me sing...sing until my veins in my neck protruding liao. Hahaha.

We were there playing the same game for the whole day -Bingo(I don't know why I have been shouting 'bimbo' instead of 'bingo' the whole day). We had to earn money, and later use these money to bid some presents.The WPS team managed to bid a $10 NTUC voucher, chocolates, biscuits and many tins of pringles!

Our food, money and Bingo cards

Lanyan asked me to zoom in on the money..-_-"

There was this group of jacqueline's friends, who have extra money, so they decided to bid on jacqueline. Because it was so difficult to persuade her to demostrate to us her singing power, they have to resort to this! Jacqueline eventually give in under peer pressure! I hope Jacqueline won't kill me for posting this on my blog!!!

If you were to notice hard enough, there was this yellow shirt lady at the counter. She's jacqueline's sister, Joyce. She was from Angmokio sec, who gave me some advices when i was in secondary one. Guess melissa knows her, since joyce was from military band. Singapore is so small!

We sat down and chatted for quite a while, reminiscing the good old days, and also our current life. Realised that jacqueline is also studying in NTU engineering faculty, and Zhihao will be going there as well. Haha, so zhihao will be my pri classmate, JC school mate, University mate as well. Chewhwee is doing fine in SIM(UOL), Lanyan has finished poly and picking up some business information technology courses and Eric is a drummer,doing part time, while waiting for NS at the end of the year. Oh , and all of us was wondering, why didn't we organize a kbox outing in the past? But i told them, eebing is planning to organise our next wps outing in kbox, and all looking forward to it! So eebing, you should know what to do ah... you are the pillar for WPS 6D!!!

Group pic
(Front row : Myself, Jacqueline, ChewHwee,Lanyan,Eric's Gf)
(Seated Behind: Zhihao and is eric looking at? haha.)

My primary school friends... 14 years of friendship, since 1993.

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