Sunday, May 06, 2007

Steamboat gathering!

Yesterday met up with Daniel,Shuting,Sharmen,Mindy and Chinran at my house for steamboat session. Was also to mark the end of Mindy and Shuting's exams.

Sharmen, Myself, Mindy, Shuting, Chinran and Daniel

There were many updates from each of them, and again, endless of laughters and joys. Sharmen was telling us he actually passed his driving test, and he entered the video showing room. For your info, those who have passed their practical test, will ask to enter that room to remind the new drivers some driving safety. However, he was being asked to come out the room again. The tester told him this, 'i THINK you failed the test. Because you didn't check the blindspot." Well...I heard from the rest is actually bullshit, because for each school, there's a quota to meet. If the number of passes exceeded the figures, then you will end up like sharmen's fate.

Hmm... felt really sorry for Sharmen. His next driving test will be in June, same month as Chinran I think.

Sharmen looking sad? No lah...he's just stoning.

Acting Nerd with Chinran

Our next event will be the planning of Shuting's 21st Birthday! But due to budget constraints, the number of invited guest will be kept minimally. So for those not invited, we seek your understanding! We have draw lots and here's the committee list~

Chairman - Myself (not again..)
Vicechair - Sharmen
Treasurers - Chinran and Daniel Goh
Advisor - Mindy


Ang Mo Kio Macdonale!!!

Daniel and Shuting

I recieved NTU letter yesterday!! Was waiting and waiting and waiting..finally! Was hoping to get into Materials Engineering, but got into my second choice, Mechanical Engineering. YEH!!! Okay lah, not too big of a disappointment. Luckily not my 3rd or 4th choice.. environmental and civil engineering respectively. Phew...

Chew Hwee 21st birthday is coming! She asked if I want to bring my guitar and perform on her birthday...haha. I told her i don't mind...was practising some songs recently, hope I sound okay!

Li sheng Jie - Zui jin

More pics:
Steamboat Gathering!

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