Monday, June 25, 2007

Zhixiang's 21st Birthday

Attended Zhixiang's 21st Birthday on 23 June 07 @ his condo, his actual birthday was on 24 June 07. My JC days song writing buddy, he's talented, and have written quite a number of songs.

15/03 with Zhixiang
From left : Danny, Myself, Kelvin , Zhixiang, Tien soon, Kahhui, Wanping

It has been a long time since I catch up with my JC friends. Many of them will be going to NTU, and become my schoolmates once again! I also saw Guijin , Desmond and Kailun. Not forgetting this gang, who called themselves as Hey! Bang ... formed by Guijin , her sister guipei, and her sister friends. This world is so small, seems like everyone knows each other.

Zhixiang with Hey! Bang...
From left : Alvin, Guijin, Zhixiang, Guipei, Andy. Still got one more girl call shuwen, but she came later.

Must really thank Alvin , Guijin and Kah hui for taking and sending me the photos. Because my digicam low batt, and only manage to take some pics. Some of the pics that was taken by me...

Kah hui and Kelvin


Zhixiang and Hey! Bang...

Zhixiang's Band Members playing games...ehh, with Kailun as the backdrop..haha.

Guijin and Zhixiang's Mother...don't know discussing what. Lol!

Haha, the above pics were self-captioned by me, if there are any similarities, it is only pure coincidence! Haha..

Zhixiang was very busy, entertaining his guest. So class 15/03 get bored, and decided to entertain ourselves...

Don't ask me what happen to kelvin...haha.

Danny and myself, 100 years never see food before.

Myself with Wanping, haha, stunned to see such a chio buz!

Myself with Hey! Bang...

Ah Jin and Fa ge~

Hey! Bang also started to entertain themselves in another corner...

Ah pei and Andy...Romantic sia~

Then Zhixiang's Father came and asked ask to get ready for birthday singing!

Zhixiang's cake

Hinting us to sing louder

Okay lor... "happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you..."

Zhixiang's with Band mates

With Hey! Bang

Lastly, with 15/03! The guy in purple shirt, b/w kelvin and tiensoon is wenchuan, he came later.

Haha...and my class people decided to try something funny! I support the idea, but did not carry out. Lol.

And that is, throw zhixiang into the Pool!

Haha...and he's still fine!

Accompanied Zhixiang to his house, he changed into the shirt that Hey! Bang bought...

Zhixiang playing piano...and I sang! No lah, just open mouth only. Posed for Alvin to take

Later Zhixiang went down to play games with the rest of the guest...played Zhong Ji Mi Ma and Lucky Draw...Guijin won the 1st prize! But the prize was hem, haha.

Guijin with Zhixiang

The 1st prize! Poster bearing Zhixiang, holding on all the prizes from 2nd to 20th! Haha... -___-||

Later accompanied Zhixiang , Wanping , Jeremy and Hey! Bang to his house, to play some games and open his presents...

Zhixiang wearing the jacket that 15/03 and myself gave him. Also included was a cap and bottle. He's holding on to a PSP that was shared by many of the band members and wanping!

Hope Zhixiang enjoyed that day to the fullest!!!!

Wah...i actually blogged for 3 hours...I'm gonna ZzZzzZ.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kailun's 21st Birthday

Attended Kailun's 21st at her house on 16/06/07, this is my second birthday party in the month of June. Wah...will be quite busy , cause Zhixiang's 21st Birthday will be the following week. But like I told many of my friends, I enjoy attending 21st parties, because its a good time to meet up old friends, and relinquish many of the happy days.

Classmates from sec 1 to sec 4
Seated: (from left)Yanling, Huixian, Kailun, Huiteng
Standing:(from left)Melissa , Cheryl, Weiliang, Myself

I met up joreen, my redcross friend at woodlands control, using a map that she printed, we luckily managed to find our way there.

Didn't eat anything because I've been suffering from food poisoning since the 3rd day I come back from Vietnam. Firmin also kena food poisoning same day as me. I hoped he's alright by now... poor me...

Many of my redcross friends didn't go, some busy with work, one enter army, so end up...left the following loyal ones!

From left: Yanling, Joreen, Kailun and Myself

Saw cheryl and melissa, let me see, when was the last time I saw them? 4 years ago in NYJC! As i were in NYJC 1st 3 mths, we went JC in the morning together, with Daniel Ang. After 4 years, we still have endless of topics to talk about. Weiliang joined us in our conversation, and many times we just laughed our heads off! Not forgetting digging secrets from each other, and mocking at each other funny incidents in secondary school days.

The 2/4'00 a.k.a 4/1'02 gang

Weiliang amused me when we were taking the above photo. Cause Kailun was saying..." 2/4!" Then all went to take. Then after that dispersed...weiliang said," 4/1 leh?" Then I was like.." oh yah ah, 4/1..4/1!" But I didn't realised its the same people from 2/4. hAHha... so when they started reversing their steps, I mumbled(Actually was quite loud), " ehhh...isn't it the same people meh? " Then weiliang laughed and laughed, haha...and till then I realised I made alittle fool out of myself. Lol...

So we chatted till around 6 plus, then took the same train with cheryl, melissa and weiliang. Haha, when I left the train with weiliang at Amk, i quickly rushed to the Taxi, hee...because I got the urge for... *er hem*, u know, clearing the impurities in my big intestines...for those who are slower, LAO SAI LAH!!!

I hate this food poisoning feeling...arGhhH, I hoped I won't suffocate in a pile of my own excretion!

Blessed me please!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shuting's 21st Birthday

Celebrated shuting's 21st Birthday at Kahtib Macdonale on 10 June 07, immediately the day after my Vietnam Trip.

Must really thank those who attended , Daniel Ang, Daniel goh, Shuyi, Weiliang, Kenneth, Mindy, Sharmen, Chinran, Huangqin, Yanfang, Lynette, Junming , Huiteng, Peiyi.
Jeremy couldn't attend as his relative just passed away.

The theme was ocean...and everyone had to wear blue colour. Both Mindy and I thought that the colour is very nice, especially when we take group photo. The contrast is damn nice.

Playing games , musical chair

We had to play a total of 3 games, treasure hunt, musical chair, and dressing up contest! Haha, it felt as though we really travel through time, back to our childhood days.

Weiliang and Daniel fighting for a chair

The dressing up game. I'm one of the victim, sob~

Sharmen is not spared either! hHAHa..

The final product!!

Having our macdonale meals together!

Make a wish, make a wish...

The girls

The guys

6 years ago...I did Entrepreneurship Programme for Secondary Schools ( EPSS ) with Huiteng, Jeremy, Junming and Shuting...

6 years later...

We reunite...

The committee members who helped to contribute to the success of the party!
From left : Chinran (Treasurer), Daniel (Treasurer), Sharmen(Vicechair), Shuting, Mindy(Advisor), and Myself(Chairman)

The group photo! Thanks everyone for coming!

Looking at their Macdonale Souvenirs

After everything...the committee members and Shuting went to this Chong Qing Steamboat at Bugis, to celebrate the success of the party and shuting's birthday!

The committee and Shuting

Enjoying the steamboat..sharmen and chinran

This is the place we went!

Our side is tom yam, the other side is herbal soup.

More actions here!

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