Saturday, June 02, 2007

Meina and Joel Matrimony

Meina is married! Attended her matrimony @ Raffles Country Club today, together with Shuting and my ex citibank colleagues. Meina was one of my citibank colleagues. She's blessed with a good husband, who is a scholar, and is going overseas to further his studies. Meina will be going over with him. She will be leaving Singapore at the end of June.

Meina and Joel walking in

Myself, Meina and Shuting.

I saw Mindy's Brother, Bernard too. He was to replace me as I had to leave citibank for army. To those who don't know shuting, she's my secondary school friend. I introduced both Shuting and Bernard to a job in citibank.

Shuting and Myself

Another...look at the scenery behind us, bollywood~

First time attend a church wedding function. There were song singing session, and the pastor were saying alot of stuffs that I didn't understand. But as a form of respect, I did what we were told to do. On top of that, it was also my first time to attend a friend's wedding. Used to attend wedding of my relatives and cousins, now the time has come! I think I will start to see more of my friends become lawful husband and wife.

Saw many of my ex-colleagues , and we chatted non-stop. Relinquishing the good old days we had in citibank, and some dumb stuffs and mistakes we created. Life has been good for them, and my big boss, sabrina, has just delivered a baby boy, and is resting at home!

Shuting and Annabelle

Myself with Jennifer

Myself with Rachel

Myself with Shufang, our supervisor. Bernard, shuting and myself get our jobs because of her! She is getting married next year!!!

Some footages taken!

So...anyone moved by the couples? Wanna get married? Lol... the power of Love!

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