Monday, June 11, 2007

Shuting's 21st Birthday

Celebrated shuting's 21st Birthday at Kahtib Macdonale on 10 June 07, immediately the day after my Vietnam Trip.

Must really thank those who attended , Daniel Ang, Daniel goh, Shuyi, Weiliang, Kenneth, Mindy, Sharmen, Chinran, Huangqin, Yanfang, Lynette, Junming , Huiteng, Peiyi.
Jeremy couldn't attend as his relative just passed away.

The theme was ocean...and everyone had to wear blue colour. Both Mindy and I thought that the colour is very nice, especially when we take group photo. The contrast is damn nice.

Playing games , musical chair

We had to play a total of 3 games, treasure hunt, musical chair, and dressing up contest! Haha, it felt as though we really travel through time, back to our childhood days.

Weiliang and Daniel fighting for a chair

The dressing up game. I'm one of the victim, sob~

Sharmen is not spared either! hHAHa..

The final product!!

Having our macdonale meals together!

Make a wish, make a wish...

The girls

The guys

6 years ago...I did Entrepreneurship Programme for Secondary Schools ( EPSS ) with Huiteng, Jeremy, Junming and Shuting...

6 years later...

We reunite...

The committee members who helped to contribute to the success of the party!
From left : Chinran (Treasurer), Daniel (Treasurer), Sharmen(Vicechair), Shuting, Mindy(Advisor), and Myself(Chairman)

The group photo! Thanks everyone for coming!

Looking at their Macdonale Souvenirs

After everything...the committee members and Shuting went to this Chong Qing Steamboat at Bugis, to celebrate the success of the party and shuting's birthday!

The committee and Shuting

Enjoying the steamboat..sharmen and chinran

This is the place we went!

Our side is tom yam, the other side is herbal soup.

More actions here!

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Shuting's 21st Birthday

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