Monday, June 25, 2007

Zhixiang's 21st Birthday

Attended Zhixiang's 21st Birthday on 23 June 07 @ his condo, his actual birthday was on 24 June 07. My JC days song writing buddy, he's talented, and have written quite a number of songs.

15/03 with Zhixiang
From left : Danny, Myself, Kelvin , Zhixiang, Tien soon, Kahhui, Wanping

It has been a long time since I catch up with my JC friends. Many of them will be going to NTU, and become my schoolmates once again! I also saw Guijin , Desmond and Kailun. Not forgetting this gang, who called themselves as Hey! Bang ... formed by Guijin , her sister guipei, and her sister friends. This world is so small, seems like everyone knows each other.

Zhixiang with Hey! Bang...
From left : Alvin, Guijin, Zhixiang, Guipei, Andy. Still got one more girl call shuwen, but she came later.

Must really thank Alvin , Guijin and Kah hui for taking and sending me the photos. Because my digicam low batt, and only manage to take some pics. Some of the pics that was taken by me...

Kah hui and Kelvin


Zhixiang and Hey! Bang...

Zhixiang's Band Members playing games...ehh, with Kailun as the backdrop..haha.

Guijin and Zhixiang's Mother...don't know discussing what. Lol!

Haha, the above pics were self-captioned by me, if there are any similarities, it is only pure coincidence! Haha..

Zhixiang was very busy, entertaining his guest. So class 15/03 get bored, and decided to entertain ourselves...

Don't ask me what happen to kelvin...haha.

Danny and myself, 100 years never see food before.

Myself with Wanping, haha, stunned to see such a chio buz!

Myself with Hey! Bang...

Ah Jin and Fa ge~

Hey! Bang also started to entertain themselves in another corner...

Ah pei and Andy...Romantic sia~

Then Zhixiang's Father came and asked ask to get ready for birthday singing!

Zhixiang's cake

Hinting us to sing louder

Okay lor... "happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you..."

Zhixiang's with Band mates

With Hey! Bang

Lastly, with 15/03! The guy in purple shirt, b/w kelvin and tiensoon is wenchuan, he came later.

Haha...and my class people decided to try something funny! I support the idea, but did not carry out. Lol.

And that is, throw zhixiang into the Pool!

Haha...and he's still fine!

Accompanied Zhixiang to his house, he changed into the shirt that Hey! Bang bought...

Zhixiang playing piano...and I sang! No lah, just open mouth only. Posed for Alvin to take

Later Zhixiang went down to play games with the rest of the guest...played Zhong Ji Mi Ma and Lucky Draw...Guijin won the 1st prize! But the prize was hem, haha.

Guijin with Zhixiang

The 1st prize! Poster bearing Zhixiang, holding on all the prizes from 2nd to 20th! Haha... -___-||

Later accompanied Zhixiang , Wanping , Jeremy and Hey! Bang to his house, to play some games and open his presents...

Zhixiang wearing the jacket that 15/03 and myself gave him. Also included was a cap and bottle. He's holding on to a PSP that was shared by many of the band members and wanping!

Hope Zhixiang enjoyed that day to the fullest!!!!

Wah...i actually blogged for 3 hours...I'm gonna ZzZzzZ.

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