Sunday, July 29, 2007

A great reunion

Lol, my heading sounds like Chinese New Year.

Anyway, met up with my Red Cross seniors and peers today, @ Princep street , Minds Cafe.

Taken at the very narrow staircase, Bui Kia like us just have to squeeze pathetically~

Its the annual gathering, and I really mean it ANNUAL. Due to our tight schedules, its already good enough that we are still meeting every year. Being the organiser...erhem, I declare the success for this outing! Haha.

Actually...I'm always quite shy to tell others that I was from RedCross in Secondary school, because people tend to go, " Heh? Redcross? But you a guy? " Yeh lah, that's a social stigma, guys have to go garang and wayang, so always kena stigmatize if our activities are more ku niang~ But I guess I'm the most 失败 member, haha, hmm, cause I cannot remember any of the dressing, and I don't know how to cure people. If I'm on duty and Kenna summon~ I will just look for michael. Lol...

And how the hell did I end up in Red Cross? Hmm...don't ask me why. My last recollection was that, I was struggling to join NPCC or Red Cross, then my dear Suhui, yeh...the girl from my clan 八仙, sprinkle her magic powers on me, and I kena Gong Tau... then join Red Cross lo. Haha... no lah, also don't know why I join in the end.

But I never regretted in joining RCY. Despite my unwillingless in declaring my sec sch cca, I still treasure the friendship with these group of people. Because they are so real, no fake feelings. And they really go all out to help you if you need help. Like joreen, haha...always help me print stuffs, because I got no printer. Thanks for helping me to print my HALL CAMP orientation documents...haha.

We went to Hans to settle our craving stomach before heading towards Minds Cafe~

Michael, my batch Chairperson, my savior and buddy in Amkss RCY. He's now in the army, thats why Botak lo. His botak pic is 全岛守播 lo! No one has seen it yet!

Dorothy, my senior, the previous batch chairperson. She's is well-known for her big eyes, and are as big as gold fish sia.

This is Kailun beside me, yeh, my batch Vice-chairperson, yeh lah, and my 4 years of classmate as well.

This is joreen, my batch Discipline Mistress, and Chunmei, the Welfare officer. I think they too hungry liao.

Another me with Kailun. Oh...paisay lah, forget to introduce myself. Haha, 不好意思啦! I'm the Logistic hem. Haha.

Michael and I, my substitute Mahjong Kaki , because whenever I cannot find player, just call 9123#$@$ he will reach my house within the shortest time.

The girl beside Joreen is Teng teng, my senior..the previous batch Treasurer. See, she's so engrossed in picking her food, simply not affected by Joreen and Chun Mei.

After that...we proceed to Minds Cafe within the shortest time, because we delayed out reservation for about 1 and 1/2 hour. 要命啊! Sibei chuan...Luckily reached around 9pm...

My wonderful seniors...last time still have to call them MDMs lo. Haha, the girl on the extreme left is Rachel, previous batch Vice Chairperson.

Trying to explain to them how to play this Dinosaur game, haha...enjoyed this game alot, I just couldn't stop laughing.

The Guy beside Kailun is Cheekeong, also my senior. The previous batch Logistic Officer...I'm his 接班人!~ Really fated with him , sec sch same cca, then after that same JC, same CCA again...(Guitar Club), then go army...he's my SERGEANT, he thought I will go NUS...then become his Junior again. Haha, end up I went NTU~

Joreen, Chunmei, and Kailun...very busy ah.

Quench your thirst! Yum YUm...

My wonderful Seniors...from left, Rachel, TengTeng, Cheekeong, Dorothy

My peers, my brother and sisters! From left, Michael, Kailun, Joreen,Chunmei, Myself

We are tough warriors from RedCross! You need the men to carry the stretchers!

Red Cross Gathering 2007, Success!

Actually we have alot more people lah, but at least the normal people turn up, so it's still a success! Michelle, my senior... previous batch discipline mistress didn't turn up today, cos she got to attend, great grand mother wedding. opps, i mean birthday.

Rachel was our guest appearance today...because she didn't appear on the previous 2 gatherings! But nvm..we hoped to see you more often! Going to dig out more people from the CAVEs, and make this gathering more grand! The more the merrier...

Oh yah...and alittle side track, this afternoon went to meet up with Daniel and Shuyi at J8...

I simply love this pic, got a very relax feeling.

Now waiting for Weiliang to come back from Thailand Training, and we will be able to meet up soon again!

View more pictures here:
A great reunion!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sentosa Trip with HSA staffs

Its Centre Transfusion of blood (CTM) dept Family day! Actually end my work 1 week ago, was very glad that Kim, my boss invited me back for the trip! Its great to see my friendly and approachable colleagues again!

We went to National Museum and Sentosa on 22 July 2007, Saturday... wow, really changed my view towards National Museum. Initially thought that it would be a boring trip, but to my surprise, its full of interesting Singapore History!

No more boring museum guides, instead, it is replaced by interactive devices, which allow us to play and listen to the history of Singapore with the earphones. It actually brought us all the way back to the day where Sang Nila Utama founded Singapore, and termed it as 'Temasek'.

There were videos which gave us a clearer view, and made history of Singapore more captivating.

Waiting to get into the National Museum...CTM staffs

Interior design of the Museum


As picture-taking were forbidden in the Museum, didn't really take alot of pics. But I would say, the Museum really changed alot, let me guess...when was the last time I've been to a Museum? Hmm...most probably my lower secondary school days.

If I were given more time, I don't mind to explore more of Singapore history. Singapore has really come a long way, despite being young and small, our history is full of unknown facts waiting for us to explore!

After that, around 5pm, we set off to Sentosa! All of us are given $10 for our dinner, yoooo HoOO!

Having dinner with HSA lab officers!
Sitting beside me is Sharon and Marissa
Right infront of me is Yas, my good partner! She's the one who I'm supposed to meet up for dinner on last day, but she was sick. Yas, please take care of your health when I'm not around! =)

Yas son and daughter

Myself with Sharon

More lab officers from the Cross Match Lab!
The guy right behind is Kooi Sim, just shifted to my estate, now we're neighbours!
2nd row: Myself, Marissa, Clara, Sharon and Michael(the boss in Cross Match Lab)
Front row: Yas Son and Daughter

After our dinner, we headed on to the next stop , Songs of the Sea. The old musical fountain has been demolished, and now replaced by the a/m. The show was @ 7.40pm, there wasn't much time we rushed our way there!

At the ticketing booth...already got our tickets, but we need to go to the booth to get a stupid chop, to verify our tickets.

Kind of stupid right... -_-

People mountain people sea...

Some snapshots from the show... (pls look at my video , its really worth to wait for the download!!!)

Its about a guy...who saw a beautiful princess from the sea, while he was Singing one day.

He wanted so much to see the princess again, but she's asleep.

The only solution to wake her up, is to sing his hearts out loud, and hopefully the princess can hear his sincere voices.

During his various attempts, he woke up some of the sea monsters, and experienced some difficulties.

But in the end...he succeeded, and he finally saw the princess !

After the show, I was wondering, why didn't the NDP'07 team seek advices from Sentosa! Wah kaoz...i really think this show is much much much better than the NDP preview I watched. There's fountain, there's laser, there's fireworks...NDP lea?! Hmm...i see stupid jellyfishes, tiny humans which I don't know what they were performing...aye aye aye. But nvm my dear army friends, National Day is coming soon, your ordeal is ending soon!!!! ENDURE!

After the show...went around to take some pics...

Yas and Myself, good working partners!

Cross Match Lab rox! The friendly lab officers again!

Myself with Dr. Diana Teo! CTM director! If you read the recent RH news, you will know who is she! I think I look horrible..argHh.

Sentosa Night scene...can see?

Going home lo!!! Bye~! Haha...sharon's big head!

More actions here! Pls watched it! I really think its worth to wait for the download!

Phew~ finally kept all my posts updated. No more back dating liao!
For now...bye HSA! We will see each other soon!

Take care!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Siling's 21st Birthday + Myself, Kenneth,Daniel,Shuyi meet up!

Attended Siling's 21st Birthday on 21st July 2007, Saturday, @ Aloha Loyang Chalet.

Siling with the present we gave her.

Siling was my secondary school classmate, sometimes we call her Sotong mei, because she's really blur.

Daniel fetch me to Siling's party. But before that, we went to fetch Sharmen up at Dhoby Ghaut, since he's working there. By the time we reached the chalet, its already 9pm sharp. And the cake cutting ceremony had ended...

Myself with Siling...i think I seriously need to cut my hair, so ugly.

Myself with Meilan, the person who consolidates all the money for the present!

Siling reading Birthday Card


Opening present, with Sumay and her boyfriend as the background

Still opening...what a facial expression

Then that sharmen, ask him to help me and daniel ang take photo, in the turned out to be like this.

He said that with birthday girl as the background, the photo look more perfect.
Rubbish. -_-||

We left around 10pm, because majority was leaving for the shuttle bus. Daniel ang and myself meeting Shuyi and Kenneth for supper. We sent Sharmen home, then proceeded straight to Newton Circles Food Centre.

Weiliang wanted to join us, but he's feeling abit sick, so in the end he chose to stay at home.

We chatted till around 1am plus, but still feeling rather energetic, so they decided to come to my house area, HongKong Tea Cafe for another round of supper.

Yeh, Shuyi can finally chew on soft items, after 5 weeks of torture. But she's still recovering in process. Still cannot chew on hard items. After much persuasion, she finally agreed to take photo and appear on my blog. Yeh~!

Daniel and Shuyi, her face is still abit swollen... recovering in process.

Daniel and Shuyi ordering food. Look at their greedy Faces..

Then shuyi started to take a pencil and pen , and started planning for my 21st birthday! The place has already been booked... so we started planning the committee, guest list, games, food etc...

Daniel, Kenneth and Shuyi...with the piece of paper, with our creative ideas for my 21st birthday!

Here's some outcome of our discussion:

Copy directly from what shuyi wrote:

Kianhuat's 21st Bdae
1st Committee Meeting
2.55am, 22nd July 07, Tong-Shui Cafe

Venue: Aranda Country Club, Room 2324 ( Booked already, 21/9/07 - 23/9/07 )
Date : 22/9/07 (Saturday)
Time : 6.30pm
Theme: Vibrant in the house (Please wear bright colours, eg, red, yellow, green, blue, etc)

Committee Members:
Shuyi (Coordinator)
Daniel Ang
Daniel Goh
Grace (Receptionist)
Liangyi, Grace Bf. (Photographer)

There are alot of things discussed also lah...but not convenient to type here. Will be sms-ing my fellow friends in mid August, meanwhile, please keep yourself free on 22 September 2007, Saturday!!! Army friends, if you kena duty on that day, please switch duty!!!

You are being Booked!

Mindy's 21st Birthday with 八仙

Celebrated Mindy's 21st on 19 July 2007, Thursday, @ Pitstop cafe, somewhere near Clark Quay.
The girls : Frm Front to back, Shuting, Mindy, Suhui
The guys : Frm front to back, Daniel goh, Chinran, Sharmen and Myself.
We've given our clique a new 八仙~ Haha... but less Ferry, he's in Melbourne studying...

Dgoh, Chinran, Sharmen and Shuting will be late, so Suhui, Mindy and myself met up first. Couldn't find the place, and we end up walking in circles, and loitering along the street of clark quay.


Finally found the place! Suhui and Mindy shacked...

Oh yah, Suhui is finally backed from Seattle! Yoooo hOOO! Haven seen her for the past 6 months, and she complains that she become fatter. Pls lor, u mean your THUMB or your TOE issit?

Anyway, Suhui lost her entire luggage in Seattle, and many of her things were lost. Poor girl. But I guess most importantly is she come back safely.

Enjoying Seattle Chocolate while waiting for the rest

They reached! From left, Myself,Sharmen , Chinran(Chairman), Daniel goh(Vicechair).
This party there's only Chairman and Vicechair... and the theme was Cartoon Characters. Haha, but many of us don't have, so only the Chairman and Vicechair obey the rules. I must say Chinran's efforts has not been wasted! Its a success!

Our gift to Mindy. Its a very very very expensive ... butterfly.

Our food...i think the food is super nice lo.

Playing boardgames after dinner!

I love this bone and cards game...haha.

Another game..but wassup with Shuting's facial expression? HAHa.

Mindy blowing birthday cake!

The girls! Shuting, Mindy, Suhui

Me with Mindy

Mindy with the Guys, Chinran, Myself, Daniel, Sharmen

Eating Cake...wah, look at me, so TAM image liao lah!

八仙 less Shuting and Ferry! Shuting left earlier.

This group pic is nice lah, but something is missing. Cos I'm not in the picture! !@!#!@#!# I have to sacrifice to take picture for them lo...argHh.

Action Packed Video inclusive!!! Batteries not included ****

View more pictures here:
Mindy's 21st

Up next, Siling's 21st and 1st meeting of KIANHUAT''S 21ST planning!
So many things to update..trying hard to keep up with the date liao, please bear with me!