Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chong's Clinic Mini Outing

Together with Dr Yuen, Jason, and 3 other Chong's Clinic Mei Nus n Shuai ge, Jia e, Samantha, and Daniel, we went to Bishan Partyworld to relax ourselves!

Myself with my Shi siong and Shijies!~ haha.
From left( Myself, Jia e, Samantha (Sam), and Daniel)

Chong's Clinic HUAs~ ( flower )
Jia E and Sam

Jia E and Sam were also from AJC, one year older than me, from basketball team. Anyone find them familiar?


And how can I forget the most important person in Chong's! My boss..a.k.a Dr yuen!
Ya..he's taking photo of me, so that he can make fun of me in his blog. YESH! BLOG!! He got a blog, sibei hip sia. He's really a lao wan tong~

Dr yuen with his beli good friend~ Jason!

Is he really teaching Sam how to sing? Hmmm, i think he's still better in curing patients. Haha.

Me singing~ daniel busy looking songs for the dinosaur club members.( Dr yuen is one of them~)

Jia e solo!

What? Want to fight ah?! HAHA...never provoke him, according to daniel, he's got incredible strength~

I wonder whats Dr yuen BIO-ing~ hmmm??

Me with Sam, a.k.a the Mian Bao lady~ cos according to daniel, she loves bread alot~!

Daniel the very helpful shi xiong and Sam

Me with the bubbly and cheerful shi jie! Jia e! Funny thing is, we had never worked together before, yet we seems to know each other for long! Because I'm always her savior when she can't work in Chong's! We only talk to each other through SMSes~

More people came later...Dennis and his stead, ehh, forgot her name, all I know is that she reminds me of Fish Leong , Liang Jing Ru. There were more pics! But my slow coach boss, Dr yuen haven been updating his blog, my camera batt low, and more pics is with him. Then can't cope photos from his blog sia.

Some actions in Bishan Partyworld!

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