Friday, July 06, 2007

Eebing's 21st Birthday

Attended Eebing's 21st on 01/07/07, Sunday. Finally put down my feelings for NDP'2007...haha. I really like my previous post, thus waited so long to blog this entry.

Had a little bbq at her void deck at Bishan. Unfamiliar face? Yea loh, Eebing's 曝光rate so low... so must introduce abit. She's my primary school friend, the pillar of Westlake Pri school. Why? Because she organizes outing, and it always succeed. Although she try her very best to push it to me, but I never fail to play taiji with her. Haha, and she is able to draw very well. She is also one of the many prefects from our class. Without her...WPS 6D'98 will not survive till these day!

Thus...I've decided to award Eebing with the following award:

Best Pillar Award, a.k.a BPA, is other than Eebing!

Saw Grace, Sinyee, Christina, Zhihao, Chew Hwee at Bing's Birthday. Weijie was unable to turn up at the very last minute, and Jacqueline have something on.

Back(from left) : Grace, Christina, Sinyee, Chew Hwee
Front(from left): Myself, Eebing, Zhihao

Haha, seems that we had endless of topic again. Christina was telling us that she's working with a event company, planning activities for kids, Chew Hwee is going to work in Citibank, Sinyee is planning a magazine in NUS, and Zhihao is going to redang to dive immediately after Eebing's Party! Very wu xim hor, touched sia~ lol. Siao, I touched for what, not my birthday what. Lolx.

The below pictures are purely for entertainment... no hurtful feelings eh?

This is what happens when girls are involved in a conversation...

No la, Grace is actually a very nice person. HAHa.

And you don't know if they are paying attention

And this is what happens when there are too many people around, but not enough food...

Wah...No wonder mummy say girls are good planners.

So who got the Satay and Fillet?

Only Zhihao knows the answer.

We got abit bored...and our favourite past-time is...CAMWHORING~!

Zhihao with Sinyee

Zhihao with Christina acting cute

Haha, myself with Christina, this was impromptu, we did not discuss our actions beforehand!

Acting EMO with zhihao again...seems like every party we got a emo pic. We shall name ourselves E.M.O from now on. But...zhihao looks more like GEK SAI.

Sinyee the da jie da! Haha, I dunno why, she always give us the feeling she is the HEAD of class 6D. Lol...

Myself with Chewhwee the princess

Zhihao with Grace...i dunno where the hell was zhihao looking at.

Grace with Dajieda!

Haha, myself with Grace.. Pri classmates, JC schoolmates.

Zhihao with Bing the birthday girl.

I dunno what was Grace and Zhihao doing...hmm, titanic? Pls lah, outdated liao.

We were cam-whoring...but someone seems busy leh~

Eebing's actual birthday is on 04/07/07.

Then here comes the cake cutting session~

Eebing's cake...or bag?

Hmm...its a cake which looks like a bag lah.

Eebing with pri sch friends. Zhihao and Chew hwee left earlier.

The bishan girls! Lian Hway gang~ lol.

Lastly...the people who have made Eebing's bdae a success!

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