Saturday, July 14, 2007

Last day @ HSA

Well, I guess you guys need to hold on a deep breath, I'm going to post alot of entries soon. This will be the first...

Anyway, hasn't been feeling good these days. Started falling sick on Thursday morning, immediately after Chong's Clinic KTV session. So while I was updating Chong's outing on thursday night...this was actually what happened behind the scene.

Who is this ah? I also don't know him.

Wah kaoz, tissues everywhere.

And I was busy wrapping small souvenirs for my colleagues.

But many chocolates has been eaten by me along the way. Poor chocolates.

Last day @ just look so different on my last day.

Last day @ HSA...but my table is still forever messy.

I guessed I passed the virus to my colleagues as well, 2 of them didn't come. Originally having a dinner with them after work, also cancelled. Pls take care of yourselves!

So it has been postponed to CTM family day, on the 22nd of July. Going to sentosa with them... will post more pics !

Suresh and myself, he's my savior , and my entertainer!

Shoel and myself, working in different dept, she's from finance, I'm from CTM( CENTRE TRANFUSION OF BLOOD). But we seems to know each other very well, endless of topic everytime, born on same month and year, same frequency, loves music and kbox. Hope to see you some other time... =)

I'm working, not slacking!

Some pics when Zhaoyan left HSA 2 weeks ago. Another buddy of mine in HSA. He's from AJC as well.

The staffs from Corporate Services (CS) Dept, with me.
Back row(from left), Mr Ling, Zhaoyan, Junjie, Me
Front(From left), Mr Chua ( Seated, Director of CS dept), Mrs Yiow, Alvin and Jenny

Not forgetting some other days...where we play punk, and took 1 1/2hrs lunch break...

Shoel and Alvin at Dhoby Ghaut food court

Accompanied Alvin to the arcade at Dhoby Ghaut...don't see him like that, he's older than us lo. Haha...

And also not forgetting some events which bond the colleagues working relationship...

The uncles and aunties playing bingo...

The 'older generation' playing chess. HAaha..part - timers, Junjie and Alvin.

All this had become my memories... I thanked each and everyone of you for making a pleasant stay for me in HSA!

The little gifts from my beloved colleagues...

Didn't had chance to take pics with my own department colleagues. Some were sick, some were busy in the lab matching blood. Most importantly my boss, Kim, was running around due to the Raffles Hospital pregnant lady incident.

Nvm...shall take pics with them on CTM family day, will be joining them again! Then I will introduce each of them to my loyal readers!

Bye HSA!

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