Monday, July 23, 2007

Mindy's 21st Birthday with 八仙

Celebrated Mindy's 21st on 19 July 2007, Thursday, @ Pitstop cafe, somewhere near Clark Quay.
The girls : Frm Front to back, Shuting, Mindy, Suhui
The guys : Frm front to back, Daniel goh, Chinran, Sharmen and Myself.
We've given our clique a new 八仙~ Haha... but less Ferry, he's in Melbourne studying...

Dgoh, Chinran, Sharmen and Shuting will be late, so Suhui, Mindy and myself met up first. Couldn't find the place, and we end up walking in circles, and loitering along the street of clark quay.


Finally found the place! Suhui and Mindy shacked...

Oh yah, Suhui is finally backed from Seattle! Yoooo hOOO! Haven seen her for the past 6 months, and she complains that she become fatter. Pls lor, u mean your THUMB or your TOE issit?

Anyway, Suhui lost her entire luggage in Seattle, and many of her things were lost. Poor girl. But I guess most importantly is she come back safely.

Enjoying Seattle Chocolate while waiting for the rest

They reached! From left, Myself,Sharmen , Chinran(Chairman), Daniel goh(Vicechair).
This party there's only Chairman and Vicechair... and the theme was Cartoon Characters. Haha, but many of us don't have, so only the Chairman and Vicechair obey the rules. I must say Chinran's efforts has not been wasted! Its a success!

Our gift to Mindy. Its a very very very expensive ... butterfly.

Our food...i think the food is super nice lo.

Playing boardgames after dinner!

I love this bone and cards game...haha.

Another game..but wassup with Shuting's facial expression? HAHa.

Mindy blowing birthday cake!

The girls! Shuting, Mindy, Suhui

Me with Mindy

Mindy with the Guys, Chinran, Myself, Daniel, Sharmen

Eating Cake...wah, look at me, so TAM image liao lah!

八仙 less Shuting and Ferry! Shuting left earlier.

This group pic is nice lah, but something is missing. Cos I'm not in the picture! !@!#!@#!# I have to sacrifice to take picture for them lo...argHh.

Action Packed Video inclusive!!! Batteries not included ****

View more pictures here:
Mindy's 21st

Up next, Siling's 21st and 1st meeting of KIANHUAT''S 21ST planning!
So many things to update..trying hard to keep up with the date liao, please bear with me!

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