Sunday, July 01, 2007

NDP 2007 combined rehearsal

Hey all! Went to NDP 2007 preview with Guijin, Zhixiang, Guijin sister- Guipei, and pei's friends...Alvin and Mei yi.

Actually only have 3 tickets, but Maurice, my army friend got extra tickets, so we don't want to waste it, so ask Guipei and friends come.

Wanted to ask wanping along, but she had some band events ...too bad!


Guijin and myself met earlier, so that we could collect tickets from Maurice. Zhixiang came later because of work. Guipei, Alvin and Meiyi came even later, because we only informed them of the extra tickets around 3pm.

Jin and myself met for lunch at Thai Express before meeting Maurice...haha, my favourite!

Jin and myself at thai express.

After that, met up with Maurice, to collect the tickets!

Maurice and Myself

Kudos to Maurice for giving us extra tickets!!! YoOOo hOOoO!

Maurice was busy, so he went back. Guijin and myself walked back to esplanade...because, hmm, i need to clear the impurities in my intestines...haha. Da Pian lah. Then after that...maybe I shit out everything, i get hungry again. That was only like 1 hr after I ate in thai express . So Guijin and myself decided to have ice creams!!!

Guijin and myself at Haagen Daz~!

Then just nice, Zhixiang came. Haha...we were kind of bored waiting for Guipei,Alvin and Meiyi, so we started to Camwhore. It wasn't easy to get 3 person into that bloody picture...#!@#!@#.

Zhixiang, Guijin and Myself camwhore-ing~

And soon...we saw Pei, Alvin and Meiyi!

Meiyi, Guipei and Alvin from far.

Then we started to walk faster, because the time was already 4.30pm! Need to snatch good seats!

Everyone was so excited... hahha, talking non-stop on their way.

So we walked...and walked...and we finally reached!

So many people..

Yesh! Reached!

On my way, saw many familiar faces, Kelvin and Jeremiah the medic, Sam the HQ ops spec, Zheng an the S4 Personal Assistant(PA), Benjamin the Bn Mobilisation Spec. Its great to see them again! Hahha... but didn't take photo with them, cause I was trying to reach the seats asap!

George the Niang niang, and Weiquan also there. Heard CO invited them for the show..WAh~ So Dua Pai sia... haha.

Yeh! Xiang, Jin and Myself at NDP'07!

Because it was a combined rehearsal only, thus some of the celebrities never come. But something that amused us was, the management actually asked people to take a tag and stand there through out the whole song...I wonder how these people feel, haha.

Haha...poor soldiers.

Haha...we also noticed this cute little boy who was sitting infront of us. Mixed blood, and he kept smiling to us. Lol...

Found out from his maid, that his name is Gabriel...ANG GU GU GU~

And soon...the show starts!

The pre-segment...

Hosts coming in...

One parachute coming down!

The parachuter!

Parade form up ready for inspection, SIR!

Hey, my secondary school friend, Jiayong is inside!

Singing of National Anthem!

Aerial Display!

The firing of the canons!

The post-parade segment...

Jin with the soldier!

Haha...and later I saw my army friend, Ganesh walked past us. Chatted with him, and Shun pian asked him to help us take photo lah, lol!

We went to NDP'07!

Some pictures from the show...

Hahhaa...but we waited so long for fireworks, in the fireworks. Sianz, most probably is because its just a rehearsal, not preview, so they saved the Fireworks lo...SIANZ.

Meiyi, Pei and Alvin at the end of the show

Myself, Guijin and Xiangz at the end of the show, yeh!

After that, we headed on to Marina Square to have our dinner. It was packed with people! So in the end, we decided to take away long john, and had a small picnic outside. For the first time, I felt like I'm a filipino maid... haha. Sitting on the floor...chatting happily, lol.

Eating and eating..

Pei and Alvin

Guijin the Ah Jin sao!

A series of Holy pics...

The thousand hand buddha!

The... ? single hand buddha. Er hem.

Zhixiang took this pic when I was talking to weiliang on the phone. He called to inform me shuyi just had a jaw operation, and is staying in hospital.

Will be going to SGH with Daniel Ang tml, to visit Shuyi. Hope she get well soon...

Oh ya...I had make a video for today's Ndp rehearsal... catch the footages below!

I need to ZzZzZ...BLOG for so long, oh my god~!

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