Monday, July 23, 2007

Siling's 21st Birthday + Myself, Kenneth,Daniel,Shuyi meet up!

Attended Siling's 21st Birthday on 21st July 2007, Saturday, @ Aloha Loyang Chalet.

Siling with the present we gave her.

Siling was my secondary school classmate, sometimes we call her Sotong mei, because she's really blur.

Daniel fetch me to Siling's party. But before that, we went to fetch Sharmen up at Dhoby Ghaut, since he's working there. By the time we reached the chalet, its already 9pm sharp. And the cake cutting ceremony had ended...

Myself with Siling...i think I seriously need to cut my hair, so ugly.

Myself with Meilan, the person who consolidates all the money for the present!

Siling reading Birthday Card


Opening present, with Sumay and her boyfriend as the background

Still opening...what a facial expression

Then that sharmen, ask him to help me and daniel ang take photo, in the turned out to be like this.

He said that with birthday girl as the background, the photo look more perfect.
Rubbish. -_-||

We left around 10pm, because majority was leaving for the shuttle bus. Daniel ang and myself meeting Shuyi and Kenneth for supper. We sent Sharmen home, then proceeded straight to Newton Circles Food Centre.

Weiliang wanted to join us, but he's feeling abit sick, so in the end he chose to stay at home.

We chatted till around 1am plus, but still feeling rather energetic, so they decided to come to my house area, HongKong Tea Cafe for another round of supper.

Yeh, Shuyi can finally chew on soft items, after 5 weeks of torture. But she's still recovering in process. Still cannot chew on hard items. After much persuasion, she finally agreed to take photo and appear on my blog. Yeh~!

Daniel and Shuyi, her face is still abit swollen... recovering in process.

Daniel and Shuyi ordering food. Look at their greedy Faces..

Then shuyi started to take a pencil and pen , and started planning for my 21st birthday! The place has already been booked... so we started planning the committee, guest list, games, food etc...

Daniel, Kenneth and Shuyi...with the piece of paper, with our creative ideas for my 21st birthday!

Here's some outcome of our discussion:

Copy directly from what shuyi wrote:

Kianhuat's 21st Bdae
1st Committee Meeting
2.55am, 22nd July 07, Tong-Shui Cafe

Venue: Aranda Country Club, Room 2324 ( Booked already, 21/9/07 - 23/9/07 )
Date : 22/9/07 (Saturday)
Time : 6.30pm
Theme: Vibrant in the house (Please wear bright colours, eg, red, yellow, green, blue, etc)

Committee Members:
Shuyi (Coordinator)
Daniel Ang
Daniel Goh
Grace (Receptionist)
Liangyi, Grace Bf. (Photographer)

There are alot of things discussed also lah...but not convenient to type here. Will be sms-ing my fellow friends in mid August, meanwhile, please keep yourself free on 22 September 2007, Saturday!!! Army friends, if you kena duty on that day, please switch duty!!!

You are being Booked!

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