Friday, July 20, 2007

Westlake Primary School class of 6D'98 Gathering

Went to my primary school gathering on last saturday, 14 July 07, immediately after Xiaoyi's house stayover.

The guys, from left, Junwen, Weijie, Eric, Myself and Zhihao
The girls, Standing, from left, Eebing and Jacqueline
The girls, Seated, From left, Grace, Christina, Sinyee, Lanyan , Chewhwee

We went to Bishan kopitiam and had enjoyed our 'Zhi Cha' dinner. Intially wanted to have a KTV session, but failed leh, cause it was very expensive, especially it was on a weekend, and some of them don't really sing. So asking them to pay is a waste of money actually. So after much thought, Grace came up with the 'Zhi Cha' idea...

Our food..haha.

Sinyee quite sensitive to the camera sia.

Zhihao has overcome his camera-phobia~!

Then we were talking about our primary school days, and some of them were amazed by my terrific memory. I actually remember many other pri school friends' names, who are not from our class. They even asked me to come out with a WPS diary or something like that. Uh Huh...then I was telling them I actually kept some of our old photos. This actually created a small little 'bishan zhi cha' wave among the girls, and asked me better don't post it on my blog.

Sinyee actually asked me to BURNT the photos away.

But I thought was quite interesting~ Haha, here's some recollections...those were the days sia. Haha.

Really is SONG~ dao!

The class of 4D'96...

Not clear enough? problem. Presenting to you, the transformation!

Bishan Ah lians~

Shunfu ah Bengs~

Toa payoh ah hways and ah Sengs~

Haha... wow, changed alot sia...

And not forgetting our performance on National Day...

Can you find me?!~ 1st row, in red...with the very tight song Kok! Kanasai.

And I promised Chew Hwee something...

Tata! Chew Hwee's Pri 3 Birthday Party! HAHhaahahha....wah, Sinyee's hair can fight with our Mr. Pumpkin aka Weijie~
Recognised any of them?
Back row: From left, Sinyee, Lanyan, Eebing
Front row: From left, Myself, Grace, Christina

Last day @ Westlake Pri school.. P6, tight shorts, fat, everything was wrong. brings back so many memories while I was flipping through my album. See, we talked so much also no use. Pictures speak a thousand words!

The girls chatting. So what is Sinyee's hinting about? Anything related to FOUR?

The guys group photo.

Eebing, so you know more gathering. See lah, such a 'not very close' pic.

The girls from wps!

Behind the scene...

Eebing in sediya position. one looking at camera loh. She is so separated from the rest...that I can crop her out. Lol...

Haha...eebing, this pic dedicated to you!

And not forgetting the shunfu gang! Aye, but weijie shifted to Punggol some years back.

The gathering ended around 10pm, cause many of them had to leave, and Junwen and myself meeting Kenneth , our secondary school friend for supper. Super full.. haha, but nvm lah.

Initially wanted to go shuyi house play 3 legged mahjong with kenneth, but Shuyi suddenly not feeling well, due to her jaw operation. So in the end, kenneth got car but don't know where to go, so came to bring us around for supper instead.

Kenneth and Junwen @ AMK S11

Our food!

Junwen eating

Kenneth enjoying~

Initially we asked zhiquan to come out, but Zhiquan say he going out with someone else. Hmm..cheeky cheeky.

And haha! Who knows...when we were about to leave AMK S11, we spotted Zhiquan's car in the same carpark where kenneth park his car!

Zhiquan's car spotted!

His carplate!

Wanted to stay up late like a paparazzi and see who has the power to let Zhiquan Pang Seh us... haha, but in the end we waited for about 30 mins and think we are abit siao, so we left a note to him instead..

Kenneth trying to be cheeky...

If you can read...its actually written : Owe $$$ pay $$$, Kenneth, Kianhuat, Junwen was here.Lol... tired. Now the timing is already 3.43am. Just come back from Mindy's 21st Bday celebration. Still got one more entry lagging... will try my best to catch up!

Sleeping angry with my driving instructor today... he sucks!


Anonymous said...

Do you know westlake pri sch song?
i've been try so hard to find it..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.

Lee Pek Kiang Angie said...

Hey, ex-Westlakians. My daughter, Cheryl of 6N1 1988 of WPS told me about this blog. I saw your pics and could actually recognise some of you. Most probably, you were prefects and I was the discipline mistress then. I was teaching the best P6 class in 1998. So nice to know that you all manage to keep in touch. Friendship is indeed everlasting. Btw, I think I can remember part of the WPS school song. It goes like this...... We call ourselves Westlakians, happy children all, we are proud to be Westlakians,growing very tall. As a family we ........

kevinskh said...

Hi Mrs Lee,

long time no see! Yes, I do remember you, our prefect master, together with Mr. Kwok. Yea, the school songs still remain vividly in our hearts. We try our best to meet every year, it has been 12 years already, time really flies. Hope you are doing fine and send my regards to the rest of the teachers too! Happy belated Teacher's day yea!


Mr Guitar 123 said...

As a family, we work together to be happy as can be,

We [cannot remember],
Diligence and Loyalty.

Diligence and Loyalty being the School Motto.

ze said...

I found my old WPS jotter book with the school song on the cover!

We call ourselves Westlakians,
Happy children all
We are proud as Westlakians,
Growing very tall
As one family we work together,
In a strong country we live
Diligence is our staying pow'r
And loyalty's ours to give!

Brings back memories! I was there from 1994-1997.

Unknown said...

Myself ex-WPS in 1983-1986

Unknown said...

Me 1979 - 1984. 6C in 1984. Any ex classmates? Favourite chinese teacher 林老师。Very fierce, but effective.

Unknown said...

Ex-westlakian. Class of 98.
Was in P5 and P6 only. Friends with hokit, melwin, Daniel, Akshay.
Can still remember most of your faces guys. Namely zhihao, Jacqueline, Wei jie,..
Wasn't madam Hsu the science teacher that time? And yes. Madam Hameeda was my class teacher. I think I was in 5B and 6B. 20 years gone and still remember your faces guys. Great for posting this. Share if you any other photos please.