Tuesday, July 17, 2007

XiaoYi's house stayover

Okay, more entries to come on. So many things happening, so little time to blog! Went to xiaoyi's house to stayover on Friday evening. Around 10.30pm, Daniel Ang came to fetch me to Xy's house, thanks ah daniel!

Daniel and Myself

Xiaoyi's my secondary friend, for those who didn't know. Its a norm for us to visit her when she comes back from melbourne. She's studying overseas now, once in a while she will come back to visit us. Haha, but sad to say, I've miss the gathering a few times, if I don't go this time, i guess i will be blacklisted...lol.

XiaoYi and myself. Keep your eye away from my messy hair.


Not forgetting many others who came , like Mingteck,Sheena, David, Siling, Hongsheng, Sharmen and Willy.

Hongsheng and myself. For new readers...yeh, he's also my officer from 35SCE. Sianz lah, under him. Hahhaa...

Xiaoyi told me that there were rumours that Hongsheng and myself are now currently not on good terms, hmm...looking at the above pic, what do you guys think?

Its so gay. Haha, how can we be not on good terms? lol, we suck each other thumbs in army. Lol, frankly speaking, guess we really depend on each other in army. There were so many hypocrites and backstabbers around, and we seriously didn't know who to trust. We only trust each other, afterall, what is stronger than a friendship that lasted for almost 6 years? But sometimes my mischievous character also drive him crazy lah...one thing that I remember vividly, I broke a keychain that his ex girlfriend, xueping gave him. And that was about a few weeks after they broke up. Hongsheng, if you are reading this... ehh, pls forget that incident~!

So...anyone still want to create stupid rumours? Come lah!

Poor willy, rushing his project during the gathering. The CONS for enrolling in special term!

But we simply didn't about willy! Hahah... still playing bridge infront of him. Lucky he didn't give in to temptation~ lol.

This is sharmen, he just recovered from chicken pox lo. Siao liao, I so close to him. Anyone see me these few days, keep yourself away from me. I maybe the next germs carrier~!

The rest who came as well!

I slept the earliest, was sick ... so cannot tahan. Daniel and David went home, leaving the rest behind. When we woke up the next morning, we went to Casurina Prata House for breakfast, with Hongsheng as our driver!

Cramping in Hongsheng's van~

Another with xiaoyi...hmm, hair still messy leh

Sheena scolding Mingteck? Tsk tsk...haha. And since when did we have a new Indian friend? Oh...VA LA KAM~

Seems like Hongsheng and Willy haven't wake up from their dreams~

Sharmen falling asleep..

Let's guess, Sheena is eyeing for another prata? Or another Teh Tarik? Or she's just eyeing Mingteck. lOl.

Orh...see food wake up liao ah. HAHa.

1/2 of the Chicken murtabak goNe~

Our motherly siling counting money

Sheena wanna shoot me?! I shoot her back!

Haiyo... just wake up. 3 VEry SEH~ face.

Next one coming up...WESTLAKE PRI SCHOOL gathering! Hahha...and chewhwee, I've dig out the Pri school photos, muahhahaa, watch out!

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