Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hydrus 1st Outing! - KengPiang and Priscilla birthday

Celebrated the august babies with my NTU hall friends @ Jurong Point Swensen. Thanks to Kellie our OGL, or else it wouldn't be a success!


Keng Piang

When we reach there... super hungry lo!

Cheelong with the yaogui face, aiming the biggest burger liao

While ordering food...was taking photos for the 2 cutest ladies from our OGs...haha.

Presenting you sophia and Priscilla ~ but they just keep on laughing

Just when I thought I succeeded... hmm, sophia eyes... 俗称 DUA SWAY BAK~

让我们 make a wish~ make a wish~

NG 3 again lah...ask them to fake blow candles, then priscilla laugh again. 真的有那么好笑吗?!

Wah...looking @ this pic, let me recall of this song that I will only hear @ wedding dinner.. "轻轻告诉我 , 你会永远爱着我..."

The guys from hydrus
From left(standing) : Rooney (Senior), Kaiyuan(Senior), Songwei, Cheelong, Bosheng, Me and Chun hern
From left( Seating) : Kengpiang, Tat Yam

Kellie, our OGL with the august babies

The people from Blk 67 + 2 extras seniors~ haha! Clockwise, from left, Rooney, Kaiyuan, Gwenda, Weilin, Lynette, Cheryl,Tatyam and Cheelong

And BLK 68! Clockwise from left, Shupei, Priscilla, Sophia, Michelle, Joy, Jo-ann

The people from blk 65! Ya lo... 3 pathetic TIGERS! ROAR~!~ From left, Songwei, Me, Bosheng. You see the ghost behind? wonder my mother say 七月 don't come out so late. Now i believe liao.

While we were going home...

Prisicilla notice the camera...while others were busy talking

恐怖!!!! 七月 must stay @ hall liao.

Its illusionz. Some can see some cannot see. This picture only got song wei and me.

@ the bus stop....realised this potential couple~

Hor hor... kellie angry liao. Rooney apologising?

Together forever!!!!! Kellie and Rooney~

Hahaha... k lah, to return kellie and rooney's reputation...

Actually is cropped from the above photo lah, relax...they got nothing lah. Hahah.

Then on the bus...someone very rude leh. People talking he slept. Tsk tsk... lolx.

Last but not least, hydrus NTU hall 14 outing... 成功!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

NTU hall 14 camp

A brand new life for me, leading a student life is totally different from army. There are more freedom, but I've learn to be more independent.

NTU is super big lo, and I've saw a couple of army friends(QM weiwen, Dys3 Heng liang, Alpha Ops spec Ivan), sec sch friends(Wie Guan, Waifu, MingWang,Zhiquan), and JC friends(Wenchuan,Kah hui,Danny,Tien Soon, and Eric from band) as well. It's like a big reunion.

Rushing for lectures, going for supper, photocopying notes, are some of the stuffs that I can't avoid everyday. Compare to army life , I was rushing for role calls , going to cookhouse, and photocopying nominal rolls + faxing dunno how many pages of un-necessary documents!

Went through my hall camp recently, just wanna share with you some photos, thanks to Shilong, my senior for taking the photos and sending to us!

On the first day... Getting to Know you...

Chatting and getting to know each other better

Waving to camera

Passing the Water bombs

The girls are not bad either

We were being blindfolded at night...the seniors with the freshie

We were left stranded...clueless and feeling insecure! Tat Yam and Liting...

Slept around 3plus in the MORNING, woke up around 7plus for our next activity...

Day 2 morning, pool games~!

Can you see me? I'm going down next...

My OG, hydrus!

Cross drag contest...presenting you, randy~ haha. Goosebumps~ BRRrrr..

Our OG in action!

Next, we proceed to field games...

Waiting for briefing, yawnz

Haha, why are the guys cleaner than the girls?

Cheryl and Keng Piang in action...I'm laughing behind. hAHa

War games! From left to right, Jo-ann, Keng Piang, Songwei... so enthu sia!

From left, Priscilla and Cheryl

We died with glory!

The blue team! We won!

Then at night, we played this game called "Duo Mao Mao", something like Wu Zong Xian's show, we need to create something funny, or hide something, and let the other OG to find out. There will be 20 suspicious items for us to create, and later we will go search for other group's 20 suspicious items also.

The girls decided to do something to the bike...

Suspicious item 1 : Broom with 2 brush...

Trying to do something to the clothes peg...

This game is quite boring...because we lost! So hard to find lo... wa lauz, it wasn't easy sia.

You think thats the end of day 2? Then you are wrong! The seniors aren't so kind to us, more games to come...and we are reallly reallllllly tired~ Yawnz!

The human stick soccer

You think the girls can do better?

No...i think I can do better! Haha.

Lynette trying to pass the ball

We are shagged! Give us a break~!

Then we went to the sewage drain at night... Smelly and dirty, sewage water splashing our the guys faces, because we need to push the girls up the high wall. Haha, okay lah, another kind of experience, never even get to walk in the dark drain in army before. Lol.

Climbed out of the drain...and just when we thought this was the last activity~

No! Our very very 'kind' seniors had prepared this candle war game for us...aha. All our eyes half close, brain half dead...all we know is to chiong and attack other OGs!~

Just running around...mad liao! hAHa, we need to burn down other OG's base by burning all the strings, but this seems mission impossible!

Haha, they are from other OG... protecting their little candle.

In the end... only one OG base kena attacked... not hydrus definitely!~ HAha. And so we end our day 2 around 4am. Getting later and later... haha.

Day 3

Woke up around 8.15am, although we were told to report @ 7.30am for breakfast. But heck lah, sibei tired. Haha, since the next activity starts at 8.30am, so early wake up for wad. So gave myself alittle break~ lol.

Anyway, started with dance classes, preparing ourselves for the Secret Pal night which was conducted later part in the evening. I sux at the dance...haha. Cheryl was practising with me, and both of us just kept talking, didn't even pay attention to the OGLs who were teaching us. Lolx...

Then later in the afternoon, proceeded to East Coast Park for our beach games! Yang Guang Nan Hai~ Woo hOoo! Haha.

K lah, PANG GUANG NAN HAI lo. =(

The pre-beach games session...self entertaining ourselves~

Group pic~

Playing this game call... " Ji ren Ji ren zhan qi lai" , haha...super fun!

Its something like cai quan, if team A guess correctly how many people will stand up, that group have to take off something!

Poor randy, left nothing to take off liao.

One more game call shooting star... like cai quan also. Michelle and Chun hern in action!

We just love to take photos. Haha, me with Mint on the left, and chee long on the right.

The watermelon game...all eating like mad... but look at our bitter expressions~

Shouting some cheer...but look at cheelong, trying to do some cheer by his own? Haha.

Run for our lifes... sophia running behind

Opps...i didn't meant to grab her so tightly!

Then come this another game...which helps us to train our abs~

Chiong ah!

Tuan jie tuan jie jiu shi li liang~ Me, keng Piang, Priscilla and Sophia...we were so focused on the water, that we actually pour the water to another group! #!#!@$!$#
How blur can we be...haha.

After beach games...we headed to Changi Chalet for our secret pal (SP) night and fright night...

All changed and dressed up for SP night!

The girls from hydrus! wEe U weE~!

We found our SP! Finding our SP wasn't easy, we were all given nicknames, and the guys had to shout their partner nicknames out... we had to be thick skinned lah!
From left, Keng Piang, Myself and Cheelong with our SPs...

We thought we could go in to have a nice dinner at last, but not that easy. Have to pass a couple of tests ... Kengpiang in action~

Tat Yam and his SP...

Kena blocked by gary...I was the 2nd guy in purple. Haha, asking for consent!

Finally the dinner! Bo sheng (Front) and Cheelong (back) with their SPs...

Then followed by a few pageants~

Bo sheng nominated for Best Smile (Guys) , he's the 1st guy from left

Li ting nominated for Best Smile (Girls), she's the 1st girl from left

Jo-ann nominated for best hair

Cheelong nominated for best bod , 1st guy on left

Cheryl nominated for beach babe... 1st girl on the left.

Ehh...paisay lah, I nominated for beach hunk...kena sabo one lah. Why they all look at me? Sha qi very zhong~

Kena interviewed by this host... yea, my dear army friends, this guy was the host for our CNY'07 celebrations, small world, he's in NTU hall 14 also.

The hyrdus pageant contestants with the rest!

The winners from Hydrus...selected for Best Smile!

And the final winners!

The SP night last till about 11 plus... then the fright night began! Senior never take photos on fright night leh, so can't upload here.

What happened was every couple were being blinded folded and being fetched by a van to another changi chalet. The seniors had put on make up and dressed themselves up into scary ghosts, trying to scare the hell out of us. We need to find out who's the murderer.. they would suddenly pop out of nowhere, and would suddenly grabbed your legs under the bed, pop out from a corner and so on...

It lasted till around 6AM IN THE MORNING! We rested till 9am and moved on to our next event!

Day 4
Amazing Race!

Started off with dragonboat... it wasn't easy. Our group came in last, but nevermind, its the experience and bonding that counts... =)

Before the race... all fair looking little angels~

The guys went in first, so we could provide better support

Row, row, row your boat... while i was rowing, I was thinking, got any BAH ZHANG to eat?

Last to come in...we got to wait for 40 mins before we could set off for our amazing race! Nvm...change and wash up. Order Macdonale delivery, and we Yi Bian Chi...Yi bian run for our next station!

At the Mrt...discussing where to go! Alright, Changi Airport!

The task was to take photos with people from 10 different nationalities...

I think this one from france...

From Singapore!

Then next station was Tampines Giant! The task was to grab 15 items, not exceeding $100, any + or - $5 will have a penalty of 10 mins waiting time.

At Tampines Giant!

We were actually quite noisy on the MRT lah...

Haha...playing games, ignoring the existence of the public~

Then our next station was geylang! This famous smelly dou fu shop!

Task was to eat the chou dou fu...and play this shi zi lu kou game, just need to thread 5 food items can already.

After geylang, moved on to Far east square!

The task was to find the first outlet of yakun kaya toast... but closed! So they gave us money to buy other food eat instead...haha!

We also went to orchard...running along orchard, outside wisma, begging people for items like lipstick marks, red spectacles, high heel shoes, tissue paper, etc etc...

After orchard...we travelled all the way to Serangoon, task was to find this Goodday Beauty and Salon. A guy and a girl had to go in to pluck their eyebrowns...using traditional way...

Lynette was the lucky girl...

I was the lucky boy...actually not pain lah, its quite comfortable, at least I get to lie down after a long long day.

My friendly OG mates waiting patiently for us... From left, Sophia, Cheelong, Keng Piang and our OGL, Kellie

See myself with lynette? The girl beside me. OG group with the lucky guy and girl!

We also went to Vivocity as well... task was to shout 3 loud cheers in public!

After that head on to AMK mac playground to find 3 sun glasses before we can return back to NTU...

And chop chop! We head on to NTU yunnan garden and find a missing jigsaw puzzle! And we found! HAPPy! Next back to NTU! A 1.6km run... guys cheer on the girls, and help them carry their bags!

We succeeded! Myself with Lynette and Keng Piang... see the jigsaw puzzle infront? Half done...hydrus!

That day was Liting and Weilin's birthday as well, bought a cake while we were hunting down for our amazing race... the time was already 1am plus~ yawnz! Break camp lo!

After the camp...wash up, went to student lounge to enjoy our roti prata supper!

Kellie (OGL), with Bosheng, Liting and Songwei (from left)

Busy eating, busy talking...bosheng the best smile is sensitive to camera!

It was already 3 plus am... haha, the few people who survived till the night! From left, Bosheng, Tat yam, Cheryl, Lynette, Cheelong, Myself, Michelle and Liting. the time I finished writing this entry, 4.51am, siao liao, tml still got lecture! Hope I don't doze off in class.