Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hydrus 1st Outing! - KengPiang and Priscilla birthday

Celebrated the august babies with my NTU hall friends @ Jurong Point Swensen. Thanks to Kellie our OGL, or else it wouldn't be a success!


Keng Piang

When we reach there... super hungry lo!

Cheelong with the yaogui face, aiming the biggest burger liao

While ordering food...was taking photos for the 2 cutest ladies from our OGs...haha.

Presenting you sophia and Priscilla ~ but they just keep on laughing

Just when I thought I succeeded... hmm, sophia eyes... 俗称 DUA SWAY BAK~

让我们 make a wish~ make a wish~

NG 3 again lah...ask them to fake blow candles, then priscilla laugh again. 真的有那么好笑吗?!

Wah...looking @ this pic, let me recall of this song that I will only hear @ wedding dinner.. "轻轻告诉我 , 你会永远爱着我..."

The guys from hydrus
From left(standing) : Rooney (Senior), Kaiyuan(Senior), Songwei, Cheelong, Bosheng, Me and Chun hern
From left( Seating) : Kengpiang, Tat Yam

Kellie, our OGL with the august babies

The people from Blk 67 + 2 extras seniors~ haha! Clockwise, from left, Rooney, Kaiyuan, Gwenda, Weilin, Lynette, Cheryl,Tatyam and Cheelong

And BLK 68! Clockwise from left, Shupei, Priscilla, Sophia, Michelle, Joy, Jo-ann

The people from blk 65! Ya lo... 3 pathetic TIGERS! ROAR~!~ From left, Songwei, Me, Bosheng. You see the ghost behind? wonder my mother say 七月 don't come out so late. Now i believe liao.

While we were going home...

Prisicilla notice the camera...while others were busy talking

恐怖!!!! 七月 must stay @ hall liao.

Its illusionz. Some can see some cannot see. This picture only got song wei and me.

@ the bus stop....realised this potential couple~

Hor hor... kellie angry liao. Rooney apologising?

Together forever!!!!! Kellie and Rooney~

Hahaha... k lah, to return kellie and rooney's reputation...

Actually is cropped from the above photo lah, relax...they got nothing lah. Hahah.

Then on the bus...someone very rude leh. People talking he slept. Tsk tsk... lolx.

Last but not least, hydrus NTU hall 14 outing... 成功!!!!

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