Monday, September 24, 2007

My 21st Birthday - Aranda Country Club , 22/9/07

Finally 21st lo! Thanks to everyone who came to my party. Really appreciate your presence, as I really put in alot of effort in making this party!

Take a look @ the preparations!

Thanks to my F n B team, who managed to coordinate so well. Not forgetting Songwei, who helped me with his lorry to collect our food.

The first guest!

My S1, CPT Sandy from 35 sce. Vibrant in the house! Bright colour top! But she left hurriedly , her daughter feeling sleepy

My ajc 15/03 friends

NTU friends who were there early. (From left) Cheelong, Liting, Songwei, Justin

My forever motherly army chief clerk, who gave me her warmest wishes!

Friends who were injured, Mindy and me~ But still supported me!

Vibrant in the house! Yesh...thats the theme of my party!

NTU friends entertaining themselves with indian poker!

The reception counter...designed by shuyi

I just love this pic...haha. From left, Guijin and Wanping

My party angels who managed the guestbook, eebing and grace

Hahaha...junwen woke up early in the morning, feeling very cold

And my guys had a competition in blowing balloons. The last one will have to drink more beer~

Getting ready for the birthday song

My army friends, Maurice, Yiwei, Yongquan, Jixiang

Pri sch friends, Jacqueline, Lanyan, Chew Hwee

NTU Hall 14 with me

NTU Hall 14 again

Birthday song

My birthday cake

My mother with me, haha, so sporting, also wear red to match the theme: vibrant in the house!

My cousins...nope. Lol, too shy to take photos, that they let their little sons and daughters to sacrifice...haha. My cute nephews and nieces~

Westlake Pri school

Ang Mo Kio Secondary

Amkss Business Project (EPSS)

Amkss RedCross who gave me a surprise! All say not coming... almost cancelled the photo taking, then they pop out!

My beloved Mahjong Kakis... see them reminds me of $$$$

My cute 八仙 group...less 3仙, mindy and suhui left early, ferry in melbourne!

Amkss sec 2/4'00!

Anderson JC 15/03!

Bestest in JC...zhixiang, Guijin, Wanping

35 SCE unit

Chong's Clinic Colleagues , Daniel, Jia Er and Dr YUEN!!!

My NTU hall 14 friends

I will not survive without them on that day! Vibrant in the house Committee!!!

My thoughtful coordinator suggested colour groups photo-taking...haha, brilliant idea shuyi!

Designed by me!

Eebing had also kindly designed one for me...

Must thank eebing and my pri school for coming up with the guest book

Eebing the designer.. and thanks bing and grace for going around to ask people sign!

Cake cutting!

With my lao ma

The aftermath~

My JC bros, ahha...all drunk?

Thanks shuyi and committee for distributing cake!

NTU friends enjoying cake

Performing...haha. Paisay lah.

Why am I so stunt?!

Because they gave me PSP!

They were late... but wu sim! NTU seniors, Kaiyuan , me , and Rooney... better late than never!

They were touched...

So was he...

Oh yah...haha, don't you so agree with me?!

My friendly aunties and cousins~

Wu sim late comers! Seniors... Rooney, (me), Ding, Huihong, Kaiyuan

More late comers... Lynette from hall 14...

Not forgetting cheryl and heng liang

NTU friends helping me to clear up

Playing mahjong~

Some drunk until do 2 hand stand...that was zhiquan

Some were drunk...

Some trying to do more hand stand

And some just couldn't tahan...and fell asleep...

Hahah...that was what actually happen after the party...

and this was what i recieved from my dearest friends!!!


Will be uploading all the photos in multiply soon... wah, this blog i take like 1 day...and then cont for another 4 hours...hard work sia! Because its my 21st!!! Muahahha...hope to have good memories next time i see it again...

Here's some video from my performance and footages of the drunkards at my

My birthday

Junwen Drunk