Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Life in School

Life pretty stress recently. More tests are coming up, and I realised the china and indian scholars are so fucking hardworking. There's no way we can climb on par with them.

Last time slack too much in JC, now struggling with my studies in NTU. Lucky there's always friendly and unselfish friends who will lend me a helping hand. People like Songwei, Justin, and even my JC friend, Guijin, chong's clinic colleagues, Jia e and Daniel, have guided me along , thanks alot! How can I live without you people sia...

Just some little introduction to some of the people I hang out with everyday- Justin and Songwei. On top of providing me support to my studies, they also serve as my navigators in NTU. Haha, to many of my friends who know that I have no sense of directions, lol... you will know what I mean. Always got lost in NTU, and need them to direct me , they are my pillars in NTU sia, or else I will be completely lost!

Today accompany Justin to buy his laptop in NTU, lend him some money. Songwei saw us carry so much money, ask us to pose with the $50 notes..haha.

Justin and Myself

Haha..humji me. Notice someone notice us, feeling sibei paisay

Songwei's turn, lol

The 3 musketeers~ lol

And last week organised this mini kbox outing for some of hydrus people, thanks for turning up! Life's stressful in NTU, we need a break!

Photos from songwei again, thanks bro.

My OGL Kellie also send me some Hall Bash photos, which happened 1 month ago. Its an event which double O came to our school, we dance like crazy...drink like crazy!

Kellie and Myself

Did some photoshop to the pictures, and sent it to kellie...the freshies with our OGL!

And some photos from Songwei for Hallbash '07...

Songwei, myself and Liting

3 of us with Mint...blur face. Haha, all abit Seh~ face turning red~

I think that's to rush my tutorials liao, we play hard, we study smart!

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