Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cheston, you will be missed.

Cheston has left us to another world due to asthma attack. He was called home by lord on the 21st October 2007.

The news was too sudden. Up till now, i still thought it was a joke.

I attended his wake just now. I didn't expect to attend a friend's wake at my age of 21. Just now at the wake, Kelvin chew said,

" How I wished this has been a joke. How I wished he will appear suddenly from one of the doors."

I recieved the news on Monday afternoon. Was going for my econs lecture, until Zhen Hui stopped me ,

" Do you remember cheston? "

Thinking his question was stupid, I smiled , " Of course, why? "

" He just passed away last night . "


I didn't know what to say, or how to react instantly. My mind was totally blank.

While I was walking back to hall, the memories of guitar club committee working together during concert , and having weekly practise kept flashing in my mind.

Cheston was such a joker, bringing laughters to everyone's hearts. I've never seen him flare up his temper. He's always that Mr Nice Man who have patience in imparting his excellent guitar skills to us.

All this has suddenly become a history. But it will never be forgotten.

What pains me the most, was when I found out the reason to his death.

He had an asthma attack, but his asthma inhaler was expired. His parents was overseas.

I kept thinking the ordeal he had suffered through.

At his wake, I saw cheston's funeral pic. His guitar was placed on top of the coffin. That feeling... it hurts. It really hurts to see his picture up there.

It really hurts.

People, cherish everyone outthere. Life is too unpredictable. We only start to treasure those around us, when things get too late. Now I've been through it, I understand that. Cheston's death has really wakened me up.

To my friends out there, be strong. Cheston will be better in another world. He brought laughters to us, he loves to see the smiles on our faces. Let us promise him to flaunt our smile one last time. He wouldn't want to see us crying. He wouldn't want to burden us.

He will be an angel up there, looking after all of us.

Take care my friend, you will be greatly missed.

Cheston's wake will be held at Singapore Casket, Lavendar St, lvl 5. Cortege will leave on 25 Oct at 2.45pm to Mandai (3.45pm)

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