Monday, October 01, 2007

Hongkong Cafe - my 2nd home and some misc updates

I need a break. Have been doing my lab report for the pass few days. I think i focus too much, now I'm totally exhausted at the question part. Which is the most important part. Sometimes I really think that I'm abit mentally slower compare to my peers. Many of them have been asking me why am I STILL doing my report since tuesday. But I really admit I'm slower, my lectures, my tutorials, I take longer time to understand, I take longer time to do. Many times I feel like giving up, but i need to tell myself that I always need to put in an extra mile of effort compare to others. They give in 100%, I will need to give in 150%.

I have exert myself too much. Its only half way through the semester, but I'm already exhausted. The mind of giving up always appear in my mind. Oh no. Holy freak, how am I going to suffer to the exams.

Ya, talk too much. Some pics here.

Recently, I have been camping in this Hongkong Cafe near my house. It opens until 6am and has free wireless access. And its walking distant from my house. Shuyi met me yest at hongkong cafe. And I was doing my report till 5am in the morning. So i stayed in the cafe from 5pm to 5am. HAha, 12 hours. When I call for the bill, it was $44 plus. I think too hungry. Drank too many cups of milk tea, ate carrot cake, toast. I just ordered anything when I felt hungry. And when I'm stressed. Need a break!

My laptop that accompany this few days. If someone were to steal my laptop, I'm going to curse him badly. Maybe drop down from the aeroplane then fell onto the railway track and roll over by the monorail train. Cause all my reports are inside. 1 week of hardwork. And now I haven't finish yet. Notice my laptop bag beside? Yeh, jc friends, thanks..I'm using that now. My wall paper...haha. I just simply like that pic. But weiliang face kena cover up. NVM lah, that guy. HAha.

Some updates from Junwen and Colleen's 21st birthday celebration . It was held at millenia walk outback steak. 23/9/07, the day after my 21st. All of us was shacked...esp being part of the committee, they really did alot lah. Thanks! Good job! Really blessed to have such good friends around. Sometimes I realised i give my friends an impression that I take them for granted, but actually, I treasure these friendship , just don't know how to express myself. Prefer to go happy-go-lucky. Haha, rather than being serious all the time.

And thanks junwen and colleen for treating us.

Junwen with his 'beer'! He is the beer king~ not blur king

Colleen, with kenneth and zhiquan. Colleen is the beer queen~ ahah. Whats wrong with kenneth, haha, sensitive to camera sia.

My food. Shuyi termed it as the kids meal. My size? Kid? HmmM..

The very organised pic, majiam family photo.

The guys with junwen.

K lah. go do my report liao. Sometimes I wonder, I can sit down to do lots of things to my blog, but I can't convert these energy and spirit to my report. Why ah. Haiz..k lah. This entry sound kind of serious.

Really need a break.

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