Thursday, October 25, 2007

Memories triggered. This feeling is miserable.

Cheston's incident on the wanbao yesterday. I saw his pictures, there's a sudden sadness that came along. I read the reports, there's different version how cheston left us.

After his wake, i'm feeling rather low. Kept thinking about what I saw. Kept telling myself it's a joke. Kept telling myself he's around us.

I'm just escaping from reality.

Cheston will be glad that he has create an impact in our lives. But, this impact is really too harsh on us.

I was searching for blogs online, about cheston. Reading these blogs, again, his image flash in my mind again.

'I remembered back then, I think, Cheston tried to teach me how to play notes on the guitar...Then I read the part that kian huat decribing the wake...especially about the guitar...I teared...'


'He was lying in there with a black blazer and AJ tie. There was a pearl between his lips. His skin had grown dark in places and his lips were too. He lay in that seemingly small yellow-coloured coffin. .......... There was a guitar and a pair of drumsticks on top of the coffin, another 2 guitars by the sides, the latest one on his left, an electric guitar bought barely a week ago.'


'I was studying at the lounge when I received news you departed us. When I saw the message your friend sent, my heart broke because it was too sudden. I began to cry and told myself it was okay, because people have to leave us. But then, all that was going through my mind was "why?", "why you?", "where are you now?", "how?". '


While i was talking to zhixiang and seeman on msn.... they said something that I think was very true:

'The whole AJC weeps.'

- Zhixiang

' Yes, I really felt bad last night, cried when I was in bed. '

- Seeman

This afternoon, Cheston will be cremated. His identity on earth will be lost forever, but his spirits will always remain in our hearts.

Cheston, we all missed you.

Sending a message from a friend afar.

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