Monday, October 29, 2007

My engine is dying...

This is a response to Zhixiang's post, you can view his entry by clicking the links on the right hand side.

I'm now at NTU canteen B typing this entry, using my laptop. Brought my laptop around, so that I can use my time wisely to do some Freshmen Orientation Camp(FOC) stuffs. Why? Let me explain alittle, I'm the Business Manager of the camp, together with 5 other Biz mags... we need to find jobs and sponsors. So I'm trying to settle this job that I found, and confirm the namelist, before November, so that I can focus on exams.

Recently, find that my engin is dying, I'm no longer as hardworking as I used to be. For example, I book out on friday night...haha, (i stay in hall), and I can slack all the way...until Monday afternoon when I book in. Yes, I just 1 2 relax...and relax.

Exams are coming, and until now I start to panic. Because November is coming! I have 2 tests coming up on wed, and I havent started studying, guess I have to hold on to buddha's leg this 2 days liao. Many tutorials can't finish, and sometimes I don't understand what the lecturer is talking about. engine is dying, this makes me worry. So afraid that I can't make it to exams. People around me are mugging like mad, but I seems to slack like mad.

Was wondering... what if I can't survive 4 years in NTU...oh no.

My working desk...full of friends pic.

Sometimes when I study in hall, I get distracted....

The view outside my window...

Looking up the sky, so envious that the birds have so much freedom!

Haiz...i think I need to reflect on myself liao. I'm a slacker! Was thinking of JC days, I slack too much, that I almost flunk and retained. So afraid that it will happen in NTU, and I ta bao... and my roomie tiensoon, everytime we go canteen ta bao food, he will ask me to becareful...later will tabao. Aye, my roomie..haha. Joker sia.

Well, exams is coming in less than 20 days, siao liao!

Kevin Soh, you better buck up!

And to zhixiang, i finished reading to the last sentence...don't worry, you are not alone. Perhaps, that's the 'TWO FOUR' trait...

To others...why 'TWO-FOUR' ? Because both our birthdays fall on the 24 of the month.


Okay lo...better go focus on my studies. Got to rush for econs lect... sianz!

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