Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rearing fish in hall!

My roomie has recently 'IMPORTED' fishtank to our room...haha. Invited many guests' curiosity.

But I warned my roomie , tiensoon : If you mess up the room, I will bring a cAt to eat up all your fishes!

Luckily, everything's still pretty fine so far.

Some of his fishes just died recently. Looking at my size... tiensoon seems to have a feeling that I killed the fish, in order to KIAP it into my daily 2 piece bread breadfast as tuna.

Haha, just joking.

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Busy taking photos...wah, this photo was taken using my videocam, we had a hard time just taking this 3 photos. lol

And some visitors...

Sophia and...my finger. Priscilla was blocked by my fat fingers.

I meant fat fingers, not fish fingers.

Aye, really getting hungry.

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