Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shixian's 21st birthday

Celebrated shixian's 21st birthday with my sec sch friends today. Or you can call us the 真情 group. I'm now at home, using this senile computer which drive me crazy. So slow...and it hangs like mad. How I wish I had my laptop beside me now. I hope my computer don't crash ....

Shixian the birthday boy

Zhiquan the driver for the day, shixian, and kenneth...with his kembangan girl scandal

We went to this very 狗不拉屎 place call Ben's place. Very ulu... and I was late. They tell me 7pm close! What!? So reached there @ 6.40pm, hurry up finished my food, before we proceed to the next station.

Thank's shixian for treating us. Haha...weiliang couldn't make it. Aye...don't know who say 21st birthday very important must attend K lah, don't suan him lah, people got learn boxing 1 leh.

Myself with birthday boy outside Ben's place

After that, all of us squeezed into zhiquan's car. Unbelievable? Yes..but we did it! Haha, but looked at the aftermath, shuyi's leg cramp, can't come out of the car.

Hair messy...

Glad that she survived an 'ordeal'

We went to this ice cream gallery... well, all of us lost our way. And zhiquan's just keep spinning around siglap area.

When we saw this famous ice cream gallery shop, we only have one thing in mind:


Squeezing in the small corner... crapping around with zhiquan

Well... thanks shixian for his ice cream treat~ lol.

Hasn't been updating for quite a while. Rather stress with school work. Exams coming up in 3 weeks time~

Alot of things to look forward to after exams...meanwhile, i can only bite my teeth and endure!

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