Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trying not to think .... but not to forget

Feeling better today. But whenever I left my group of friends, and walked alone around in school, I think about Cheston again. On the cab to work, his laughters surrounded me. There's a sense of emptiness these few days.

I saw my tagboard, saw many teared while reading my entries. Sorry, I didn't mean it. I think Cheston will be blaming me for influencing the moods of many.

I thought I will stop his entry yesterday, but I couldn't stop it. Now I'm at home, browsing through pictures in my computer, in my album, I saw Cheston's pictures... this time round not depressed, but I can imagine his jokes and lame actions while we were taking the photographs.

Guitar club at Ajc Prom Nite

Smile all!

Myself with Cheston, haha...we are so smart right!

After Guitar Concert, Daniel, Cheston , Me and Kelvin Chew

Well, i guessed its time to keep my feelings, and concentrate on my exams. I will try not to think about the recent incidents, but i will not forget.

My blog will need to have more happy events, so that I can spread the laughters to everyone.

Just like how Cheston did.

Today was at the Clinic working, this auntie told me....

"我可以帮我的 son 买 medicine 吗?I ask him to meet me here, but 他睡觉。He ah... likes to sleep alot, 每次睡了就不会醒。。。 睡了就不会醒。。。"

That phrase, was so familiar... '睡了就不会醒... '

I sighed in my heart, trying not to think, so it won't affect my job.

I know Dr Yuen looked at me, he sensed that too.

At home, I did a video for cheston. I hoped, one year later, ten years later, fifty years later, we will still remember we had such a great friend named Cheston.

Maybe , like the buddhist believes, he will reincarnate, and become your son, or even my son. If it's really the truth, then I think god wants us to repay Cheston, for his kindness that he spreaded to us.

Being imaginative? Nah...just an indirect way to think that he will come back to us one day.

Cheston, maybe you have internet access up there. This video is specially dedicated to you... promised me that you will make heaven a better place with your guitar skills. =)

And, a happier place.

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