Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I finish Exams loh!!!

Yeh, finally finished my exams on Monday. Wasn't feeling well, so only blogged today.

After exams on Monday, went to IMM to have my dinner with Huiqing, Justin, and Songwei.

Just some short introduction~ Lol, majiam Oral description. The person on the top left hand corner is songwei, who was the driver on that day.

The couple is Huiqing and Justin. Find Huiqing familiar? Ya, she was from Anderson JC as well, my batch, from volleyball, who happens to know Edith and Edmund from my class.

So we went to IMM, on our way, trying to argue who's the real himbo and bimbo. Opps, there's only one bimbo>>>>> Huiqing. Haha...himbo, I think I 'sacrifice' lah, give it to Justin. So Huiqing and himself and make the best pair lah. Lol...

Now finish exams, there are so many things that I want to do:
1. Play mahjong
2. Gym 4 days per week
3. Kbox
4. Meet up with old friends!

Will be working in Chong's Clinic full time from 1st Dec 07 onwards and giving tuition as well... more $$$$$ rolling in!!!

December... the month I'm looking forward to :
1. Seeman coming back from Hongkong on 20th Dec
2. Impressiano Auditions
3. Freshmen Orientation preparations and canvassing

Hmm, I'm now listening to 雪狼湖's musical theme song, 流星下的愿.

Always had a dream....not only to sing and perform to many people on stage, but also to act and sing as well.

Wanted so much to be involved in a musical, but...hmm, didn't go and persue my dreams.Guess I better spend more time studying. Haha...

Recently, saw the news about the Singapore Dragonboaters tragedy in Cambodia. This makes me realise to value all my friends seriously.

After Cheston's death, I've made a promise that I will not scold my friends '去死', because one day if they really leave you, its too late to regret.

The dragonboaters tragedy also make me value everyday more seriously, i think a very cliche phrase.... 'Live like there's no tomorrow!', its very true...

Very emo hor?

No lah, just my personal feelings. Not emo lah, just some values in life lah.

Whatever it is, I look forward to December holidays! Time really flies... last year during this period, I was in Army preparing my RSM change of command ceremony with Firmin.

Haha... and temper flare when things cock up, and the first 2 person who always kena my scoldings is Jixiang and Maurice.

On my 21st, from left, Maurice, Yiwei the officer, Yongquan, and Jixiang

But I think in a working environment, we need to compromise each other. I also don't understand how did I survive in army, I'm so hot-tempered, yet I can work with others.

Well, in 3 months time, Firmin, Maurice and Jixiang going to ORD already. Very fast ah, still remember when I ORD, they were still complaining to me they have exactly 1 year to go.

Endure guys!

And like what firmin says, we need to meet up , haha. Seriously didn't catch up with you. Was quite busy on my 21st, didn't had time to talk to you guys. And that Firmin did something stupid in camp and kena Stoppage of Leave, worst.



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