Saturday, November 17, 2007


One day when I was studying in my room ,Prisicilla came to my room one day, and ask me this so called 'IQ' question ...

Think about it!

Songwei can tell the answer less than 1 min, but i took more than 15 mins also dunno the answer!

Share with you some 欠扁问答题 i found on the web!

欠扁问答题 1:

新加坡有很多外地劳工。 来至印度,叫印劳。 来至泰国,叫泰劳。请问在新加坡,哪一劳赚最多钱?

欠扁问答题 2:

有一天 小狗,小猫,小猪和小羊到 7-11 买东西喝。结果小狗走進去被赶出来。小猫和小豬也一样被赶出来。最后小羊進去沒被赶出来。 为什么呢?

欠扁问答题 3:

In Europe, you call a female wearing sunglasses and a big hat a rich lady. In China, you call a female wearing sunglasses and a big hat a Tai-tai. What do you call a female wearing sunglasses and a big hat in Singapore?

Haiz...recently been feeling quite stressED! Exams really sux, NTU lecturers are inhuman. Set papers to fail people. First time I go into exam hall, I don't even know how to do a single question!!!!

" First time i go exam hall, within 5 mins, I flip to last question liao. Siao liao! "

--- Song Wei, his thoughts on physic paper

" I ask the person infront, I ask the person behind, all tell me different answers!"

--- Justin Lee, smartest among us, asking people answers after the exams

" Wa laoz, the lecturers think dragon babies so clever issit? Purposely set difficult papers to differentiate them! But they forgot...we are the Tiger babies, worst lot every year! "

--- Eric from AJC band, expressing his thoughts after taking Econs and Maths paper

" Wah, I did so many past year papers, but never expect this year to be the hardest!"

--- Jia En, some senior who retake his physic paper for the 2nd time

" Ehh, I think next year we will still remain as freshies! "

--- Jiale, my tutorial classmate

Ya liao lo, NTU lecturers. I can only pray to all the gods, to let me pass my exams!!!! PLS PLS PLS!

Anyway, here's the answers to 欠扁问答题 :

欠扁问答题 1:

麦当劳 MacDonalds

欠扁问答题 2:

因為 7-11 24小時不打羊

欠扁问答题 3:

Carpark Attendant

Wish me luck pls!

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