Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ajc 15/03 @ Minds Cafe!

Went out with Kahhui, Danny, Wenchuan, Tiensoon, Janice and Zhiqi to Minds Cafe on Saturday Night... kudos to Kahhui for organising this gathering!

See how we enjoyed ourselves!

Tiensoon is always the 老鼠屎,don't know where the hell is he looking at...

猜猜看,who is the hero/heroine in the background?!

The guys in action!

We thought Tien Soon will be the 老鼠屎 again...

It's not kahhui..

It's not wenchuan either...

Haha...yeh yeh, I'm the 老鼠屎,好大一 颗 的老鼠屎。。。

Janice and Zhiqi... 两个长不大的小孩,opps... 长不大??? 好大,好大。。。lol...

Me and the forever funny zhiqi~

The libranz babies!

Hahha... project work team mates! Less Kelvin Chew and Amanda... we are the mighty slackers! Work smart....but not work hard. Lol!

We were playing halfway...then Danny and Wenchuan started to argue about the rules of the game, lol.... the wiseman Tiensoon was spotted reading the rules silently in one corner~!

You thought I'm the only one in the picture? Nah.... only Kah hui knows the answer. Opps...haha.

Janice and Zhiqi was trying to stand further away from the camera, to prevent being termed as " 大头". Hahha... too bad, they didn't know, 一山还有一山高。。。。 muahhaha!!!!

Haha.... act cool?! Myself, Zhiqi and Kah hui

See...kahhui and Zhiqi wore 情侣装。。。 haha, no lah, just coincidental! The numbers just represent Janice and my weight. =X

Hahhaa, trying to be funny!

Then we went to Balcony at Heerens to chill out... Zhiqi and Wenchuan went home earlier. Janice enjoying her drink...


Tiensoon...in a very artistic background~

Danny and Tiensoon stoning...

Cheers to our 4 years of friendship!

Ajc 15/03 Mini Gathering... 成功!Thanks to Kah hui!

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