Sunday, December 02, 2007

Daniel Goh's 21st birthday

Attended Daniel Goh's 21st birthday with Daniel Ang and Shuyi. Saw Mindy, Sharmen, Chinran , and some other sec sch friends as well...

Daniel goh ah, FINNNNNALLLY 21st liao, hahhaa, I know you have been attending alot of 21st parties, wait until your 脖子 also 长 liao right...haha.

小胖, haha...a nickname I gave Daniel since secondary school, forever in denial, lol. Yah lah, he slimed down liao, but he's still my DEARRRRR 小胖 in my BIG heart. Lolx, he's able to cook, he's a good friend, and he' a friend who bears no evil intention. Known him for around 8 years, and I'm so proud of knowing a friend like him.

hAHA, look at him, so happy

He knows when I'm happy, and when I'm ANGRY. lOl, he has a VERY VERY VERY GIGANTIC heart, so generous, that's why money always kena cheated by us. MUAHAHAHAH. He has been a great helping hand on my 21st birthday party, 辛苦你了,I know my temper flare up, but you were still there to ensure my birthday party goes on smoothly. hAHa... you were a great helper! Keep up this spirit! Cause I will still need to 'make use' of your kind ,gentle and generous character for future uses. LOL....

What a great combi, if we were to permutate ourselves, you will get Singapore flag( Daniel plus Kevin) or Merry Christmas spirits ( Shuyi plus Kevin)

看!我们家的小胖笑刀。。。。。。。。 眼睛都不见了!

Shuyi with the long time no see Mindy

Haha, Daniel, thanks for the party... shall see you again on xmas eve !

After Daniel's Birthday, 三个 'yao gui' (hokkien, hungry ghost), continue to find their way to eat!


我们家的司机,驾着豪华的 mercedez... 好有钱哦!

We went to this Ice Cream shop near my house...

My Ice cream waffle!

我们家的奶妈,总是抢我们的东西来吃。。。 总有一天把你送回 philippines!

这就是我。。。 穿错衣服,不是过圣诞,好像在过新年。。。

It has been quite a while since I last enjoyed such lazy sunday afternoon... we love it!

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