Saturday, December 08, 2007

Hall 14 Freshmen Orientation Camp 2008 Meeting

Attended a meeting for my hall Freshmen Orientation Camp 2008 (FOC 08) on wednesday. On top of that, also ask some of them to attend a briefing since some of them are working this weekend, to canvass money for the camp. As a biz mag, business manager, wah, not easy sia. Was quite a headache for me to plan the job, many withdraw last minute, and it wasn't easy to find replacement. But luckily all is over for my part, now some of them are still doing their job in Orchard, Chinatown and Shenton way. They are to take down various information about taxis and passengers at various taxi stands.

Some were really tired...

Some were having unexplained relationships... brokeback MOUNTAIN

Some not listening, but sensitive to the camera...

Some were so engrossed, that they forgot about their own facial expressions...

I was telling the committee the various taxi stands available...

Wah, like very engrossed hor.

Some of the camp group leaders(CGLs) , from left, desmond, geraldine, clement, joselyn.

From left,Lynette (Programmer) and Meixian ( Biz mag), they are cousins!

Ban Ban a.k.a 万万( in stripes), Jonathan ( black ), Weijin ( Yellow ), behaving cheeky, trying to choose the slackest taxi stand

The committee queueing up to choose their taxi stand, while I trying to confirm their option using laptop.

More discussions going on...It wasn't easy to convince them to take up the busy taxi stands, haha...just keep my fingers cross.

The sianz diao face. See where Jonathan's station is.

Haha, closer look.

After the meeting, Songwei drove us to somewhere to have supper, together with Priscilla, Sophia, Tiensoon and myself. I think its somewhere near beauty world, I'm not sure of the exact location.

Liquid Kitchen! This shop is completely empty, which is different from the one near my house, which is always crowded.

Sophia and Priscilla.

The jokers~

Priscilla and Sophia

My roomie tiensoon and myself

Sophia and myself...taken while walking.

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