Saturday, December 01, 2007

The hall 14 jokers!

Hall 14 jokers? Ya, none other than Songwei, Kellie, Priscilla, Sophia and myself!

We went to Suki Sushi at Orchard Cine today, reached around 3.30pm. Supposed to meet @ 1.00pm, but went back hall to get my BLOODY charger, my handphone has not been working for 4 days, and help daniel buy his textbook. Lol, Daniel, if you are reading this post, I don't demand much lah, just want a BIG BIG meal can liao. Lol

Luckily I reached at 3.30pm. Haha, cos kellie and songwei Q-up for around 2 hours, and Sophia and Priscilla(Wa, ur name very long), waited for 1 hr, cos they were 1 hr late. Hahah... so when I reached, they just got into the restaurant. Lolx..

I finallly learn to use picasa

OH....可怜的sushi, but 你真好吃!

Who's the odd one out?! SONG WEI lah, people take food, he take green tea.

Introducing the wierd 阿妈! All the things she eat, we dare not to touch. Kellie love to eat RAW food, I think one day she might eat us up. RUN!

可怜的salmon... and 很像 human fingers 的 RAW prawn.

Some 大便 that kellie , a.k.a 吴君如 eats.

The hall 14 jokers!

Big deal, driving license only mah. Sophia, you wait for me, NEXT MONTH! ARGGGGH
She just recieved her .... i mean, that card with an UGLY photo, that day.

We didn't eat much, see our table you know..haha.

After that, these 1988 and 1987 children, haha...drag the 1986 uncles, Songwei and myself, to neonprint shop. Wah...when was the last time I went to take neonprint? Sec 4 I think... I felt sibei paiseh in the shop. Quickly find one machine, and go in and hide. Hahhaha....but then, the machine got problem.

The NTU engineers came to the rescue

But ....we failed. Haha.

See, so many people inside. Why are the girls so busy?

Because they are busy decorating. We shall leave it to the girls.

And here's the end product.... hahah. So GAY.

Next, Sophia and myself rushed to Chong's Clinic. I got to work, and sophia? Hhahaha....because she got a interview ... and she will be the upcoming...

Chong's Clinic babe! Hahhaha.... (VOMITS VOMITS)

Actually, she will only officially start work next Thursday. Under the training of our DANIEL LEE, lol... but she's interested to stay back to learn some stuffs, so told her somethings lah...

Then we got abit bored, while Dr Yuen was busy playing his PSP, hahah...we were doing something funny outside!

Remember the advertisements when we were young? The 3 kids who couldn't wear their shirts....and trying to prove who is taller?

Okay...okay. Forget ? Never mind, different generations. Most probably you grew up watching 凤飞飞 or 黄文勇 and 向云 looking out of the pathetic small square....the scence from 雾锁南洋。

A day in Chong's Clinic.... sophia and kevin

Sophia bully me. Eh, Dr Yuen, can you pls sign here?

My watch.

Her watch.

And her deformed legs.


And the day ends with a supper with sophia at 茶餐厅. Lol... I miss yum cha.

Okay, time now is 3.37am.

Tml working at 8.30am, yawnZZZZ.

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