Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday, Chinran!

He finally turned 21...when people like shuyi is going to turn 22. Haha.

My 八仙 clique decided to come over to my house ON 22 Dec 2007,... since I was not feeling well. Yeh, had food poisoning again. Actually, Dr yuen say may not be food poisoning, maybe the food poisoning in June this year had KILLED my stomach, so my stomach become more sensitive. So Dr Yuen said, no more cheese, coffee and chilli for 3 months. ARGHHH. That's going to kill me.

Well, must thank Justin, Songwei, Sophia, Shuyi and Seeman, for showing your concern, I'm recovering, though I'm still feeding on liquid food... argHHH.. I want to eat CHAR KWAY!!!

Waiting for the forever late shuting...

太平公主。。。 (公猪还差不多。。。),shuting!

Daniel goh and Ferry... finally he is back from melbourne!!!!!!!

Sharmen and Chinran

Hmm...daniel, 你的咸猪手放干净一点。。。。

Suhui helping out with the cake...

胖小呆。。。 告诉你几次了,不能偷吃蛋糕,要乖哦!不要嘟起小嘴哦。。。

Watching tv, chinran and sharmen

让我们make a wish...make a wish...


The present from all of us...

The brownie Cheese cake...yes, I 偷吃 alittle...haha.

Haha, Ferry and Suhui...

Happy birthday to Chinran once again...

This year...we celebrated our birthdays, without the full force of 八仙,this time round, Mindy went India for community involvement. Nvm...now with Ferry back from melbourne, I believe the next birthday celebration, 八仙会归位的!!!

Merry Christmas to all!

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