Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long time no see!

Finally meet up with my mahjong kakis, Weiliang, Shuyi and Kenneth on Saturday and Monday.

Was @ J8 and Orchard on Saturday...

This is his turtle shirt. He loves muay thai...muahhaha. There's a story behind it, internal joke. Lol...

Oh...绯闻。。。 还是‘肥’闻?

Shuyi just need the shoulder pads to transform into 大路妹。。。opps, I mean 大路的大婶。 hahahhaha.

我们家的小胖kenneth 瘦了!!!! 掌声鼓励鼓励!!!!

Mahjong Kakis unite!!!! 魅力无法挡! muahahhahah!

Then on Monday, we sat down to 发功。。。。

The ultimate winner... 'chio hee hee' , 三家输一家!

The ultimate loser ... 没脸见人。。。

We therefore came to a conclusion : That muay thai boxer of our family put a curse on this photo... staring at our tiles! Weiliang 心肌好中!!!

Look at shuyi, her 杀气好中,determined to win back her money next time!

Not that I'm lazy...but I'm busy taking pictures, so clearing up...ehh, find some other people lah. Lol. And now U know where's the exact location of the family portrait.... so many pairs of eyes looking at our tiles~

After mahjong, 好心的ahmad , 也就是我们家的司机,Daniel Ang, came to drive us for SUPPER at Hans, there's a 24 hour hans at upper thomson road area...

麻将归麻将,吃,还是要吃的。我们是分得很清楚的。哈哈哈!And under some persuasion, Muaythai boxer weiliang finally decided to treat us with his winnings. 你早就该这样做了。

这不是骗吃骗喝。。。 这叫礼尚往来。。。

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