Sunday, December 09, 2007

A surprise to Daniel Goh!

Gave a surprise to Daniel Goh on his actual birthday on 6th december 2007. Daniel Ang drove shuyi and myself to NTU to celebrate his big 21st for him again. Also called upon shuting to ask her to join us in the mission, since she's in NTU as well...

Initially wanted to go to Daniel Goh's house at sembawang, luckily we got informer, Chinran, who tell us he's going back to hall.. HAha.

So we gave a surprise to him @ ntu, later went to this prata house near farrer road...

The 5 of us...

Shuyi think this picture looks like those chinese musical show poster 'Feel'

But actually, before editing this picture.... it looks like this:

Daniel goh, pls close your leg next time. =X

Shuting and Dgoh

Shuyi and Shuting

Daniel Ang and shuting

Daniel Goh and me

We later ask Daniel Ang and Shuting to take a photo...haha...SO DIFFICULT. Why? Hmm.... hahahha... they were together last time, but was LONG LONG LONG ago. In secondary 1...but they still feel shy la~ lol

sEe, daniel ang not sporting leh

Shuting impatient, want to take photo

Oh....beautiful ending. lah, now they both attached, the above dialogue is designed by me lah...

After that, went back to hall, to reminisce about the good old days in secondary school, laughing at people, laughing at ourselves, laughing at everyone else. Time really flies. Everything changes, but one thing that still remains ----- memories of yesterdays.

Hope to meet up more friends in December!

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