Thursday, January 31, 2008

神也 up-ga-late?

原来,神也up-ga-late 了

You can view your destiny on the computer...

Or print it out like what my room mate Tien Soon did...

Or keep it as your wall paper.

Wa sei! 神也 up-ga-late... but I this dinosaur...still exploring so many digital and high - tech stuffs... 不亏是神.

Quick go to... to predict your destiny now!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

省省省 , 妈妈最棒!

Haha, celebrated my ah bu's birthday with my cousin today. Was sitting infront of the TV, then saw the Shop N Save commercial...with the auntie killer 向云 , with her famous shop N save slogan.... 省省省 , 妈妈最棒!And decided to use it as my title for this entry...

Ah mui Jie Jie, my ah Bu, and myself

Went to this chinese restaurant at Jurong East, my cousin say she's treating us, haha.. I think recently I have a craving for Chinese Food, and love the oriental feeling. I think old liao lah... spagetti and pizza are "siao nian eh" food... haha. 老了。。。 haha, everytime go Chinese restaurant, will never forget plain water, with 中国茶,to get rid of the oil.

I'm already make up of oil, drink too much 中国茶。。。 will it dissolve me one day? Then I will 人间蒸发。。。HAHAH。 I'm hot stuffs now leh..oil so expensive, I think I better hide at home, don't come out, or else 我家的ahmad, (daniel ang) will bring me go sell...arGGgGHHH!

Ah mui jie jie and ah bu!

Ah bu very funny sia, I met her at bukit batok first, before meeting ah mui jie jie at Jurong East. Ah bu say want to go toilet, so I wait for her. Then we together take MRT, on the way, realised how come her eyebrown got white power....

Hahha...She knows I'm going to take photos today, purposely went toilet to put make up. Somemore the powder never put evenly...MUahhaha, spotted... lol. Then she gave me that " Haiyo... paisay lah... " face, 太好笑啦!你是史上超搞笑的ah bu! Hahhaha...

Ah bu very hip...she tell me to photoshop this photo. Because she got alot of white hair... ask me to photoshop to Ah bu... 自然就是美啦。。。 jin swee liao lah!

Ah bu born in the year of rat... haha. So quickly ask her to pose beside these rats. But 怎么the rat behind her... 看来看去,就是个rabbit leh?!!

ah bu, hope you spend your birthday to the fullest! Today is your actual birthday...haha... I thought can't celebrate with her today. So celebrated with her on sunday first. But I can make it in the joined her for the celebration!

Ah bu and ah mui jiejie... thanks for the dinner!

你并没有老。。。 越来越有魅力! 生日快乐, 身体健康,永远开心!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

生日快乐 Ah bu!

今天与ah bu 庆祝她的生日。。。 去了AMK Hub 的 soup restaurant。。。 看得出她很开心,好久没有看到他那灿烂的笑容!

我可爱的 AH BU!

她很幽默。。。叫我拍一张照片,好看的,将来如果有什么三长两短,可以挂在客厅里。。。 不禁心里有一点辛酸。但是我知道她是开玩笑的。我的ah bu 就是这样。。。永远的好笑,讲话总是无厘头!



我们在bus上拍了好多照片。。。哈哈!但是ah bu 觉得有些照片她的脸很大,很肥。。。 因此,为了保护我 ah bu 的 image, 我就选了比较象样的几张。。。


ah bu 好开心!



Saturday, January 19, 2008

NTU hall 14 pageant preview!

Wow, finally the night is here. Had our pageant preview on 17 January 2008, @ DXO. But it's just a preview... not the finals yet.Just when we thought everything has ended...but no! Pageants, hang in there! As usual, I still couldn't remember my catwalk steps...haha. Thanks for your support, kellie, sophia, priscilla, mint, seylong, cheelong, tat yam, bosheng, HengLiang, and Roy, thanks for your vote.

Congratulations to Yixia and Liting for clinching the Mr and Miss Popular title!

Some photos before the event... the rehearsal~

Justin and Han Ip rehearsing...

Jianing instructing Yongsheng ???

Yixia and Yanxing...trying their best to look into each other eyes

Myself and cheryl, rehearsing our indian dance...

Haha... bollywood style ~

The girls before the make-up, Jianing, Cheryl, Han Ip, Liting and Yansing

The very MAN yongshen putting on his make-up

Haha, its me with my signature 'GOOD' sign pose.

Yixia, looking

Liting's turn...

Not forgetting Han Ip...

Jia Ning , Pretty girl in the making...

And the start of the event!

The pageant finalists...

Introducing my blood brother... Songwei!

My crappy brother... Justin!

My partner, Cheryl! Wee u wee!

Introducing in history...the fattest model! Myself! Haha...

And some photos during the talent round...

Songwei and Liting duet...

Cheryl and Myself being interviewed on stage..

Hahaha...our indian dance, final pose!

After the performance round...was the voting for Mr. Popular and Miss Popular...

During the voting session.... look at Yixia's vote!

Haha...I think that's Cheryl friends... thanks ah!

And for the girls... wah...seems like Jianing and Liting got a close fight!

Then... next, was the sportswear segment~

Liting and Songwei in soccer attire...

Jianing and Yongshen in beachwear...never mess with this guy...his biceps can crush anyone of you!

Han Ip and Justin in Golf attire... so tall sia

Yixia and Yansing in Taekwando! HaI-ya!

Cheryl and Myself in Tennis attire...


And finally.... Mr. and Miss Popular goes to........

Yixia and Liting!~ Congratulations! You deserved it!!!!

After the bash... went around to join my brothers and sisters from NTU...

Thanks for supporting!

Priscilla and myself... I like her new hairstyle sia, look fresher !

Sophia and myself... thanks for coming up with the dancesteps, together with Priscilla and Hengliang!

Ding and Huihong, the very supportive couple...wah, I also want to have that very sharp jawline of Ding leh...haha

Seylong, the oldman in block 65, hahah.... and cheryl

Huiqing and myself... she's Justin girlfriend! guys out there, stand far far away! Ehh...we were once, from Anderson JC~

Kellie and myself...wu jun ru perm her hair liao!!!

Hall 14 entertaining brothers... I just can't get myself away from Cat High people. Lol...JC days got wenchuan, Kelvin chew, Yongkiat, Tiensoon in 15/03, now I have (from left), Bosheng, Cheelong and Tat Yam from hall 14...haha. Seems like Cat High people are planted everywhere sia...

Myself with Mint...don't you think she looks like Zhang Shao Han?

Er Yan, Ziying, and Shilin.... and myself floating

How can I live without you guys sia...haha, my mentor in studies--->Justin. And the my navigator in NTU... lol ------> Songwei

On the way home...kena forced by Ms popular to take photo with her... but I wanted so much to sleep!

Can liao ma...Puah liting!

Okay...finally Ms Popular let me sleep ... sweet dreams.