Saturday, January 05, 2008

Brand New Year , 2008!

Its a start of the new year! Loss my phone in the last few moments of 2007, so hope 2008 will bring me lots of luck and anticipation!

But most importantly, wishing everyone good health and happy. I know kind of cliche here, but, deep in my heart, I really wish all my friends so.

In 2007, I treasure the importance of friends. Nothing is more important than health. Really.

Well, I went for hall pageant training today. Hmm, I'm really a slow learner, kena ostracised by the trainer, haha... cause I couldn't do simple steps. So all the while I heard, " Four of them, four of them..." Ya lah, pageant got 5 guys, I am the odd one out lo.

Haha, still kena one-to-one training. Well, I think modelling is really ain't an easy job. Not just smile on stage, you need to bring out your confidence, which I'm always lacking.

Aye, modelling is not my cup of tea lah. I still prefer a down to earth lifestyle. Simple and easy.

My partner Cheryl doing the Catwalk.

Yeh, we are the M5 and F5! Kevin and Cheryl!

One day in training...tired. But entertaining, haha...

After that, meet up with Daniel and Shuyi. Initially wanted to meet poying and Huimin, who is back from melbourne and Daniel, but Daniel Ang forget the wrong date, so back to the 3 of us again!

Went to eat porridge at Oasis, a very oriental feeling. The food was quite oily lah, afraid that my stomach cannot take it. So keep on dip the food into the porridge to wash away the oil.

Daniel and Shuyi, majiam go hongkong. Look at shuyi wearing winter wear...haha. Act cold only lah.

Now you understand what I meant by oriental.

当大街小巷都在talk about 黄金路,我们怎么可以outdated leh?! 我们也是很hip 的,okay?! I still think Shuyi looks like Chen Li Ping, hahah... 笑姑。不过你是kee "笑" 的 "笑"。

贪吃的‘凯杰’, 很cunning, 想尽办法吃完everything, 不要留给笑姑and 大哥!

我都说了,她,就是笑姑。别装了!快把那个很fat 的 mask 拿掉!

oh... 好恩爱. '凯达' and '笑姑'... 你们让我想起一首歌,来来来,one, two ,three! 大家跟我一起唱!'世上只有妈妈好,有妈的孩子像个宝'...

When this dish came, i thought shuyi treat us eat 鲍鱼 secretly. oh 死地!(shit) 眼泪almost shoot 出来了!但是想了想,有古怪。。。 the sun never come out from the NORTH leh, how come shuyi so nice? Oh...原来如此,连鲍鱼的relatives, 鲍姑姑,鲍菇也想我们吃掉它!好好吃。。。好好吃。。。

Then after that, Daniel Ang drove us to Holland Village to enjoy Haagen Dazs desserts, wah, but the parrrrrrking lot is full, and have to wait like damn fucking long. Almost gave up, lucky we persist, then got a lot, like, FINALLY.

And 黄金路 continues...

We tried to act like stranger... hmm, but daniel eyes, aiming someother places?!


Shuyi secretly take daniel's pic...hor hor, 肥闻,肥闻!lol..

wah... Daniel, "leng" mui 哦。。。 so preeetty, beautiful boxer sia...

We have never look so handsome and pretty before. 精典!

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