Monday, January 07, 2008

Hall Pageant Photo Shoot

Yesterday went for photoshoot with the rest of the pageant participants. We learnt to wait and entertain ourselves, started as early as 10am in the morning, and end at around 6pm. Tired I must say...

Waiting for their hair to be styled... Songwei(front), Justin, Yongshen(Back)

Our pageant coordinator weixian(with cap) talking to the hairstylist

Justin, looking serious.

My partner, Cheryl...who was quite late. Haha...

Yixia(Left) and Songwei trying to apply what they have learnt from the catwalk

Hair styling.

Then we went to Bugis for make up. Yes, guys not spared either... but I think Songwei enjoyed it. Haha.

The beautiful boxer~

Justin 'enjoying' his make up too.

Han Ip, my primary school junior. hem. You are here for make up, not dentist check up leh.

Haha, poor Jianing. Justin and Songwei decided to offer their 'HELP'.

This is yan sing. She look so plastic here.

The pageant girls. from left : Jianing, Han Ip, Cheryl, yan sing and Liting

The ten of us...after putting on make up . Hmm... okay, stop laughing infront of the screen lah. rained a little, but it didn't deterred us from the photoshoot, cause everything need $$$, need to rush there by 4pm. With the help of the pageant coodinators, manage to reach there on time....

Liting having her shoot...

Songwei...haha. Hmmmmmmm. ?

Myself with Cheryl..haha.

Having our photoshoot...

Hmm, what we do when we get too bored waiting!!!

Yah, never see book before.

Why am I the joker?!

Thanks to Justin's idea... From left (Back) Yixia, Yongshen, Justin, Songwei... me infront la.

The 1.7m and above ladies...

Pageant Coordinators, Jiemin and Weixian

Group photo shoot... all thinking, when issit ending?!

Just when the girls thought they are ready, we are still busy fooling

Hmm.... the 古典美女,very 的high-tech hor?

After photoshoot, went out with Justin, Songwei, Han Ip, Cheryl and Huiqing to have our dinner at my hang out place... 茶餐厅。。。哈哈

Look at the amount of foundation they have used it on Justin, Songwei, and MY face...WOAH.

Hall 14 pageant behind the scenes!

Wah...i sibei tired liao, came back from Shuyi's 22nd birthday celebration, shall update her photos tml...

School starting tml...yawnz!!

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