Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shuyi turns 22 !

Just when everyone finally settled down after their tiring 21st birthday parties, our dear Shuyi's age, is slowly catching up with her waistline...( I hope ), she turns 22 on the 7 of Jan !

Celebrated her birthday with Daniel Ang, Weiliang, Kenneth @ a restaurant somewhere in bukit timah, can't remember the name. We later went to Siglap 茶餐厅, yes...the 茶餐厅 that I talked about in my pageant entry.

This old lady wants a sewing machine for her present. Yes, your eyes are not "BAK Hway" . She really wants a sewing machine. Ma chiam wedding sia, but don't know is it fated or wad, Thomson Plaza Best Denki collapse, then Suntec Cafu also don't have... last place, went to Bishan J8, that was like 15 mins before meeting Weiliang and Kenneth...luckily got...

Our poor Daniel carrying this Sewing machine... that haunt our lives...haha. Later never buy, the old lady will angry sia, hahah. But we all decided not to tell shuyi... give her some disappointment first, later then give her surprise... lol

笑姑 and 凯达 ... haha.

That evening, was a competition to see whose head is smaller... others always say I have a head as big as 无宗宪, but I proved them wrong..haha.

Sometimes take photo, must have some 心迹 one, lol

HAha, shuyi tries her very best to win the smallest head award. wa, 恐怖,比看鬼片还要恐怖。People who know shuyi... don't you think her this angle looks like her sis, qiting?

Yes! My head not the biggest! Muahahahhaa....

9 years ago...they were a couple. Hahaha...9 years later, it becomes a joke that link all of us together...lol

On my birthday party... I look through my camera... everywhere also shuyi's pic. So... I tried my very best to let shuyi see more of my handsome face. Haha.

Weiliang and Myself...we also called him the muay thai boxer. Internal joke...haha

Shuyi and Myself... I think she looking else where for some food.

Daniel ang .... ehh, time for medicine...ang Gu gu gU gU...

掌声鼓励鼓励!!!!! Kenneth finally looked into the camera... he is the 老鼠屎among us, who always fail to look into the camera. Kenneth... 你感动到我,hahaha...

Here comes the surprise for you, shuyi! hmm... 香车女... haha!

The four of us with the present. So happy that Shuyi will alter our pants next time, for FREE! Its a good investment after all...haha. You heard that, Shuyi?

The treating pact group... we sign a treaty, we will take turns to treat each other whenever we come out, but the food we eating is getting more expensive... hmm, shall take a step back and return to civilian lifestyle...lol

The mahjong gang, hmm...but recently 我们不打麻将. 我们up-ga-late 了,我们改打TENNIS。haha... healthy sia!

The five of us... shuyi's 22nd birthday, 成功!

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