Tuesday, February 26, 2008

上海1924 - NTU hall 14 annual D'N'D

Phew...finally everything its over. We had our Dinner and Dance yesterday night, @ Asian Civilisation Museum. Kudos to the other 9 pageants, and the pageant committee as well. Must also thank Tien Soon who came all the way, just to pass me his leather shoes and my laptop charger. Not forgetting Sophia and Prisiclla who gave them their sincere support. Ahaha...and thanks for helping me to take the photos!

Let's travel back time...and take a look at the preparations! As early as 11am in the morning....we went to set our Hairdo...

My partner with me...they make my hairstyle like 梁智强。。。 kanasai!

This is yansing..haha! Whenever I see this photo, it reminds me of this song..." In the jungle...the mighty jungle...the Lion sleeps tonight.... o whimbo wack, o whimbo wack..."

Songwei and myself

The 4 male pageants... Yixia was late, filial son leh, accompany mother go eat

The guys' hair was quite fast, unlike the girls.... jiok jiok jiok jiok...

While we were travelling to Asian Civilisation museum... we noticed some little things....

Opps...another pair over here...

Destination reach! Asian Civilisation Museum!

The pageants with the pageant coordinators!

The pageants!
Back row : Yongsheng, Yixia, HanIp , Justin
Front row: Myself, Yanxing, Liting, Jianing, Cheryl and Songwei

The beautiful ladies!

We were so bored... so started to play daidee...favourite pasttime, haha

And some of them were having their make-up done...

@ the same time... on stage, others were doing their last minute rehearsal, everyone is busy!

Hmm... yeh, if you were to guess correctly, they were rehearsing the dance in "Kungfu Hustle"...

Songwei also putting on his make-up backstage...

Make-up done! Getting ready for the 1st segment - Beachwear

Cheryl...I want more macdonale meal!

Hahaha... cheryl say no!

Justin with his partner...Hanip...she's hot! Bikini lady!

The pageants with 斧头帮!

Yongsheng is sexy!

斧头帮。。。 From left, Darius, Chun Hern, Dennis and Joseph

The pageants with the make-up artistes from Sasa

The 4 san san and Bahs Bahs with 1 hUnk!
From left, Justin, myself, Yixia, Yongshen and Songwei

Before the start of the show... took photo with Sophia the Coolie...and Priscilla the Tai tai~

Start of the show! M1 Nga Song wei! Weeee u wee!

M3- Justin Lee... ex swimming captain from NJC! wEee - u - weEe!

And myself... hmm, hahahah, do I look like marching? HahHAH!

After the beachwear segment... was performance by Kellie and Junwen!

And paisay lah...myself with Junwen also.

Hahha...posing for priscilla! Lol

Forget some lyrics... glad that Junwen was forgiving enough... Junwen is Hall 14 歌神!

2ND Segment... streetwear! Songwei! COOL!

Justin, trying his best to show off his chest...hahaha.

Haha...walk too fast again to be captured on camera!~

Next segment was the scary moment... Q n A session. Haha...poor songwei and Yunchuan, kena suan...

I didn't answer well either..infact, freaked out! HAHha

Then came the most ridiculous prize presentation ever... I think I got Mr. Personality for my Himbo-tic character..haha.

Then this hall prince...i was like wad the fuck? Justin got the prince look leh...haha. Anyway, Hall king was Yongsheng, and Hall Queen was Yansing! COngrats!

Priscilla and Sophia cam-whoring...

Hydrus rox! My hall OG mates... how can I live without u guys...

HAhaa...sophia the coolie with me

Lynette with me...heard that she was wearing her mother wedding dress... pretty leh, hahha... she's also from hydrus, er hem... hydrus de... quality very good one. HAHah

This is Meixian, Lynette's cousin, my FOC'08 fellow biz manager...hahah, very oriental feel, 美娴, 真的很美。。。 HAHA!

Lynette with me again...

Coolie...hahah... the prettiest coolie!

Songwei , Huiqing and myself... ahhaha

The tai tai priscilla and Myself... prissy also got the oriental beauty look leh! HAHA..

Myself with Seylong... his last D'n'D in hall 14! Going to graduate lo...poor me, 3 more years to go!

My bro...songwei!

And not forgetting...my schoolmate in Angmokio sec, Maoxiang!

Hahaha...sophia also want to have the feeling being a pageant...stop being greedy! So many stars!

Myself with kellie...she won the best dress award!

This is yingying, my Secret Pal for FOC'07, i think she really slimmed down alot

Shuhui and myself...the president for DnD 08.

Sihan and myself, we the fellow AJCians~ haha

Shilin....my boss in FOC'08 comm, she's our Finance Controller... who is also my Westlake Primary Junior... it's a small world after all~~

Myself with Bosheng... known as the Best Smile in our hall, haha..and His roommate, maoxiang

Priscilla and myself again! She's the hall prince! HAHAa

Hydrus at Hall 14 DnD, with a new member... Ian Wong Heng Liang! HahA, cheryl's boyfriend

Us with the coolie

Seducing the tai tai.... so we can have more money!

Osama with me, sek yeong and Justin. Sek yeong also one of the biz mag in FOC'08 committee

Here's a short video...of wad happen yesterday...a very kuku dance! HAha...

Last but not least....thanks for all who came down to support, you guys really brighten up my day. Justin and Sophia, thanks for that encouragement, my awards go to all of you guys!

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