Friday, February 01, 2008

NTU Hall 14 Chinese New Year Dinner

Celebrated Chinese New Year with Hall 14, on Thursday evening... hahah, the hall function room was filled with laughters, and it was a night of reunion with many of my OG friends.

Saw many seniors back to hall again. 新年,新的一年,人团圆。

From left, Bosheng, Cheelong,Tatyam, Songwei and Prisicilla
The yao guis getting their food...haha.

The Lion dance...which took so long...

Prisicilla and Cheryl

Haha, 5 of us... we were the first 5 to clique to each other on the first day of Freshmen Orientation Camp.(FOC). The 4 AJCians and one imposter(songwei). We met in this function hall, and now we are back again to have our CNY dinner. haha..

The pretty ladies, Priscilla, Kellie, Meixian and Lynette

Tsk tsk....spotted liting sleeping!

Cheryl showing off her chicken wing!

The roomies, and my entertainers in hall 14... Sophia and Priscilla

Performance by our very own singers from hall 14!

Hahaha...and kellie 新歌发表会!

There were games to keep us entertained...but still, we are more attracted to the food!

This loser justin... haha, don't know how to squeeze his orange juice! Must be depending on his girlfriend, huiqing too much! Justin, officer! But you don't know how to squeeeeeze!

My brothers in Hall 14. We suck each other thumbs when in trouble. Haha.... Myself with justin and songwei

Part of the pageant gang, from left, Liting, Han Ip, Justin, Songwei, Cheryl and Myself.

The jOKeRs clique!

Prisicilla's fingers....seems to be at the wrong position...haha.

This Cheelong, want to brokeback with Songwei again.... yes, its 'again' ! I have evidence k... look at the next picture!

传说 nong nong time ago... during FOC 2008 meeting, they have started their mysterious relationship...wooooooooo....

I'm very sorry lynette, but I can't stop myself from thinking of that...and thus I photoshopped you...hahahha!

We also 捞鱼生! Look at the before and after!

Hydrus! Although we are abit smaller in strength, but the spirit is still there!

Another funny roommates in hall 14, Tatyam and Cheelong

Myself with maoxiang, my secondary school friend

Hhaha.a.. everyone go bonkers!

Priscilla is forever camera sensitive! HAHha.

他,就是传说中的 Mr. Ban Ban. Yes... this is his name. Not a nick. And his Chinese name is call 万万。Hmm... and he's really loaded, a sports car to school, he's still single and available! HAHAHHA! Girls out there, wad are you waiting for?!!! Ban Ban is going for switzerland for attachment this coming sunday, will be away for 6 months. All the best to you Ban Ban!

HAhaa...the humorous am I related to them? pageant partner, Hengliang, my army officer.... it's a small world after all~~~

The newly appointed Vice President, Justin....caught doing SAI KANG! OFFICER, you finally moved your ass! lah, he's a very committed member of the hall 14 JCRC , hahah... congrats in your new appointment! dearest partner, thinks she's participating in WWE... haiz. Sorry ah, I will ask Heng Liang to educate her... tsk tsk.

Hahaa...and Sophia is proud of her CNY banner! Its nice, isnt it?

Wishing all my hall mates, Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

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LyNeTtE- said...

aiyo. how can photoshop me! and who is that cartoon character? hhah. my apologises. no childhood. dont watch cartoon. no idea whose that.