Monday, February 04, 2008

八仙 reunion dinner

The 八仙clique didn't get to 归位 again...cos I was held up by FOC'08 meeting, by the time I reach there...shuting has already gone, nvm... we will have one more meeting soon!

We met up at Jurong Point, cause its near all our school...they had dinner earlier, and were chatting in Macdonale...

The long lost ferry, and Mindy, who just came back from India!!!

Chinran, Ferry and Daniel goh. It's very hard to get that glittering teeth of chinran...haha. He's a Mr. Cooooool Man...haha!

Mindy, Daniel Goh, and Suhui... I think suhui looks nicer with short hair, what do you think? But she never cut lah, just that she tie her hair up.

Me and Sharmen Lin....exams coming liao right?! All the best to you bro!

The brothers!

Hahaa... I'm trying to squint my eyes...and Daniel is trying hard to open his eyes. Try harder next time, dude. Hahaha.

Mindy, 对不起你。。。 hahaha, 我还是选了你一张很 unglam 的pic... lol. 放心。。。 你还是 unglam 得很美。。。哈哈!

Haha, this Sharmen, die die want to get into Suhui's bf car,>>>> Mark's. When's he actually staying in SengKang...but we are staying in Pulau NTU hostel!

For those who don't know who is mark...

This is Me, Daniel and Mark...went out with them for dinner, together with Suhui Last week...

We got no one help us to take a group I tried to take a candid shot of 6 of them...haha. This is the most disorganised group photo we ever took. Lol.

This is Mindy Tay with me... 偷偷告诉你。。。 她是我中学暗恋的对象! Hahah... how hot is she? Wah... among the 5 guys in our clique, 3 person like her at the same time before!!! Hahaha.... who is the other 2 guys? Hmmm.... I shall keep it as a secret. Lol, but now all of them attached liao lah, when's my turn? 神啊,救救我吧。。。

Another...acting cute...pls dont puke~

This is Suhui and me....she's another hot girl, hahah! Studying psychology in NTU! But she's attached to Mark...haha.

Acting cute again. HAhaa...

Daniel and Suhui...

Hope to meet up you guys soon, before Ferry returned to Indonesia, you guys always brighten up my day. Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy to the fullest ahhh!

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