Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is Good Friday really that 'GOOD' ?

Good Friday? Not really... assignments, project, tutorials, exams... where got time where got time?!

Luckily, just finished my effective com reflection papers, take a break, shall blogged!

Went out with my AJC friends on Good Friday to celebrate Tien Soon and Janice's birthday. Went to Holland Village Essential Brew...hmm, food not very good. =(

15/03 at essential brew...

Myself, with Janice and Danny. Haha...i got the AURA...

Zhiqi with Yvonne

Looks like wenchuan is tired...

Hahha...the Project Work group mates finally reunite!
Kelvin , Amanda, Janice, Myself.
Zhiqi centre of attraction...haha. Attract who leh?

Long long time ago... these group of people help to chase a thief at Ang Mo Kio Macdonale... Eh, this is a true story. Not making it up. The chase thief group!

And here we have the people from NTU... hurray!

And the rojak group... kelvin (NUS), Amanda (SMU), Zhiqi(SMU) and Yvonne(NUS)

And not forgetting...the cool people from NTU HALL 14, BLOCK 65!!
How can I live without you....hahaha.

Okay, back to studies... nuthin funny this time round. Shall let Danny have a chance...haha.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Back to town!

Its back to town with my 八仙clique! When was the last time I'm in town...hahah.

Today we met up to celebrate suhui's birthday , which will fall on the 23rd of March. Suhui...I remember one lo!!! Hahah... went to cineleisure... Xing Wang. Before that went to Pastamania...wah, I'm not going to step into Pastamania again, my creamy chicken sux to the core!

The manager at xing wang was so kind that he asked us to give another pose..haha

Our very nice Ice Mango...

They call us the 3D surround system. I'm the main system, with 2 speakers around. Haha...because I'm always delivering to them updated news from all my other groups of friends... and the speakers? Yes...shuting and Daniel goh will also help me spread my words around to their other other group of friends...

This is my good brother in Secondary school. Cai Shuting. I dunno if her boyfriend is going to see this, but according to her, her bf isn't quite happy when he sees us together in a photo. Hmm... k lah, being a guy, I understand lah.

This is me, with Shuting, and suhui...the birthday girl. NTU rox! Haha... Year 1 mech engin, vs year 3 chemistry and year 3 psychology...

The pretty ladies from my 八仙!

And the... hahha. Forever cannot-grow-up guys in the clique...less Ferry, who is in Melbourne studying ....
From left, Chinran, Sharmen, Daniel goh and me.

Me and Mindy. Her phone has this function which captures our mirror virtual image...

Then we used Mindy's and my phone to take some spastic mozaic... they said that they are going to have nightmares....esp when they see my face in this photo. Haha...

Happy 22nd birthday Suhui! Sharmen look lonely in the photo...haha

Suhui's birthday CHEEEESE cake, with lots of love from Daniel goh. HAha.

Mindy use her photo to capture this septia effect, i didn't do anything to it...

Oh yah, Suhui cut her hair...haha.

Anyway, hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest ah!!!

Meet up soon, mug hard for exams ! Same for Mindy and Chinran in NUS, and Sharmen in SIM... best of lucks!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miss Yong 的 22nd Birthday

Our Miss Yong turns 22 today! 18 March 2008, hahha. Why call him Miss Yong? Hahha... long story during secondary school days. K lah, stop suanning him, or else he will BOX us with his ultimate Muay Thai skills.

Anyway, celebrated with my Mahjong Kakis on Sunday, thanks Weiliang for driving us around...better drive safely ah, or else you will be demoted..haha.

Went to 3 different places....

1st Stop : Holland Village FOSTERS

Weiliang the driver... his eye ma jiam got make up.

Yes, that's the Menu @ Foster. Majiam Newspapers...

Hmm, Foster is a Classy English Restaurant, but...something that doesn't blend well with the ambience there. This '步步高升' candle... isn't what I always find in my TUA PEK GONG Temple?

This was his present... aiya, buy wrong. Should have given him a PURSE, and you can Kiap under your armpit while PA-ing your Boxing.

On recieving his wallet...i captured a candid shot of Ms Yong. But wasn't a good one...haha. Too fast.

Ms Yong taking out his new wallet to treat us? Na na na... 不是我们要你请客。。。 是你自己要请我们的。。。

Phew...finally 4 of us can sit down...but not MAHJONG! haha...its a FAMILY dinner. Lol.. We have declared Kenneth as our ah gong... 不是阿公的公。。。是gong gong dai dai 的 gong...

The gu niangs~ fighting again...
Weiliang: My shirt very pretty hor...
Shuyi : Heh~? Your one pretty? Then my 4 big roses on my shirt is FAKE one ah?

Oh... 好温馨。。。 3 of us will like to sing a song to Shuyi... "世上只有妈妈好。。。 "

Next stop ...we went to:

2nd stop - House @ Dempsey Hill

Our my way...i saw this car... i don't think its cool, look kind of UGLY.

We went to this place call House, with desserts and SPA... according to shuyi, it was originally an Old Army Barrack... and they spent a bomb in revamping the whole place.

Hmm. Sorry, got one BIG MOSQUITO fly past. 好肥的蚊子。

Yeh, that's it.

To my dear army friends... can you guys imagine it used to be a barrack? Actually, the shape is still there, but the owner change the whole ambience. I started to recall ghostly incidents in Seletar Camp....hmm...

However... we went quite late, House going to close for the day. So we changed our target to Ben and Jerry!
Ah gong seemed to have a new girlfriend...

My Coffee Buzz buzz buzz ice cream..

If one day kenneth tries to open up his eyes, I will become as thin as a bamboo.

In shuyi's blog, she said that I eat other people's stuff again. HAhaa... no lah, just curious how does Kenneth's taste like. Opps, i mean His ice cream.

After having our dessert... we continue to embark on our HAPPY SUNDAY tour...

3rd Stop : Timbre

Ah gong, Ms Yong, and...myself.

Timbre is a place, where you can sometimes enjoy GREAT music... and chill out with friends. 1st time been to here... nice place! I love listening to live band...

Hmm, Ms yong, take photo with us... 有这么 squeezy and 痛苦 吗?

Outside Timbre...

With the beautiful backdrop.

Camwhore time....

We thought taking portrait...will make us look sharper. I mean our jawlines.
I think it works! HAHa...

Adore my friends, they are so funny...hahha! Thanks for imparting the humour genes to me... and Ms Yong, happy celebrating your 22nd in your camp AH! Don't miss us. HAha...

Last year cannot celebrate with you all, this year finally made it!

Now left me only... 6 more months to 22nd!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The long awaited surprise

Happy birthday Roomie! HAha, Tien Soon celebrated his birthday with Songwei, Justin, Priscilla, Sophia and me @ 12+ am , on 13 March 2008. His girlfriend has came earlier to give him a surprise. This was a long awaited surprise....

If you were to see my tagboard recently... yes, the nickname "needhelp" is TienSoon's girl friend, priscilla, (not my hall priscilla), hahah. She called me last week...and ever since, I have been cracking my brains, how to make that surprise feasible...

Luckily, with the help of Junchong, and some other AJC CAT HIGH guys, joseph chong, joseph lum, they manage to get tien soon out of the hall....while I secretly allow Priscilla to come to my room to plant different clues in the room.

The aim of the game: When tiensoon returned, I have to pass him a clue to start off with. Handphone will be confiscated. This clue will lead him to various clues in the room, until he finally find his present...

Priscilla create clues and surprise for his dearest Tien Soon!

This is the 1st clue that I have to pass to Tien Soon.

On recieving his surprise clue... happy!

So he began searching....and he felt damn shagged...

And he continues...


hAha...i caught this candid picture! HAha... my roomie is so fking funny!

This is another candid pic...the clue is just right infront of him, and he's still staring blankly at my noticeboard. Because he thought that stuff belong to me....haha.

Hahhaa... haiz. Tien Soon... Sotong lah u.

Junchong and myself...were waiting for him to get his present...we were super sianz..haha

Junchong is skeptical about the chances in finding tiensoon's present...


But you think that's easy....?!

And another there were 4 layers...haha. Priscilla put in alot of effort sia... tiensoon, treasure your girlfriend! its a puma accessory...

Its a watch! HAha... tien soon luvs in so much...that he kept boasting to me , his watch is better than mine...okay lo, let u happy just for one day. HAha.

So just when TienSoon thought everything was over...nah...more to come on. A surprise coming up while Tien Soon was busy watching videos on you-tube... when the time strikes 12 am, we are not sleeping...but our engin just started working!

Trying to get the candle up...

Priscilla is forever camera sensitive... while the guys, songwei and justin get busy...

Upon recieving his cake... hahah! Surprise tiensoon?!

Thanks to tiensoon's girlfriend...priscilla. Helped me to buy this cake, busy studying my Math test...sob

We are the mighty Hall 14 jokers!

The angels with Tien Soon, Sophia (left), Priscilla (right)

You can call us... G4... GAY 4. Songwei, Me, Tien Soon, Justin

Cutting the cake...I'm hungry! Ate 3 slices! HAHa..

Do I look like Tien Soon? Blur blur...gonggong daidai, sotong?

Edison scandal? Justin... are you putting on your pants?!

Opps. There's an error in the photo. Some dirty particles...

Anyway, tiensoon, hope you enjoy yourself yesterday. That's the least I can do to make you stay happy. Though I always scold you, but its nice to hear you saying that you are touched, and you appreciate our concern towards you. You are a very entertaining and encouraging room mate, giving me support during exams and tests. Though we may not stay in hall next semester, but you will be my good bro in life.

Don't ask me to repeat this again, or I will... squeeze and scold you again!


Happy 22nd birthday!