Saturday, March 01, 2008

I'm stressed again! Help!

Yes...stressed again. Screwed! Just started my Lab report, which will be due on thursday. Help!

I suddenly enter my emo state again, was chatting with priscilla yesterday. Thanks... ur words encouraged and enlightened me alot. And thanks to Justin and Sophia, who were here with me yesterday for revision.

Anyway, I felt the smile on my I was browsing some of the photos taken last week, during my JC gathering. Shall share with you guys...

Yvonne and Kelvin chew...

Yvonne trying to seduce Kelvin with her sexy shoulders?

There's a ghost call Danny, behind Janice, Me and Kahhui. haha

The ghost finally smiled...

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, I'm very sorry... but I have asked Regina to be more polite. This girl very rude. She just refused to open her eyes. I'm sorry...

Cheers! Small boy like me...shall drink root beer..and big boys like them, shall drink BEER.
Er, the size is inversely proportional to the AGE.

Wah... Zhiqi's burger with fries

Zhiqi tried to seduce with the camera. But U failed!!!! Take off ur mask! HAha(internal joke)

AJC 15/03 gathering! Less tiensoon...who was mugging for his Papers on Monday.

I dunno wad the hell was I doing. maybe inspiration from too many pageant posing.

I think you can crop me away from this photo.

That day, THAT ghost just don't want to 放过us. 阿弥陀佛,善哉善哉。

We used to have the taiwanese boyband 183 club. AJC 15/03 have the 155 club! I mean the hEight, not the weight. HAHa.

They are 15/03 hot ST NICholas girls... comes in all sorts of SIZEs, all sorts of heights, and all sorts of EYEs.

Zhiqi... dun seduce me... u cant, cos u haven't take off your fake mask! (Internal joke...)

Its look like SAI to me here. Fresh and brownish...not bad, this person is very healthy. Maybe alittle PU LUA from the darkness of the sai.

She's trying to tell us that she saw Seeman in Bikini, that's the size. =X (意思浅浅,你明不明?)

Long long time ago... the 5 of them took a neonprint... but to my horror... there was this girl in the neon print....

Who's looks like 鬼! Yes.... she's Yvonne! WAH LAOZ... what happen to her sia? According to her...she say she got dengue and become like that.

Okay...get ready. I'm going to get better looking than that. Dengue? Nah. To hasten the process, I shall be stung by HORNET. Swee. =)

The Project group....mighty members! Eyes playing trick on you? HAahah...
Back row, Kelvin chew and myself.
Front row, Zhiqi(left), Amanda(Center), Janice(right)
The fun days... we bridge, mahjong and starbucks-ing with free brownie and chiong PW at the VERY VERY last minute. Whats new, that's life being a AJC-ian.

And our big eye mama...JANICE cai! 你红了!

I should get back to work now.

I hate life being a STUDENT!!

Bomb me pls, Mas Selamat.

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