Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is Good Friday really that 'GOOD' ?

Good Friday? Not really... assignments, project, tutorials, exams... where got time where got time?!

Luckily, just finished my effective com reflection papers, take a break, shall blogged!

Went out with my AJC friends on Good Friday to celebrate Tien Soon and Janice's birthday. Went to Holland Village Essential Brew...hmm, food not very good. =(

15/03 at essential brew...

Myself, with Janice and Danny. Haha...i got the AURA...

Zhiqi with Yvonne

Looks like wenchuan is tired...

Hahha...the Project Work group mates finally reunite!
Kelvin , Amanda, Janice, Myself.
Zhiqi centre of attraction...haha. Attract who leh?

Long long time ago... these group of people help to chase a thief at Ang Mo Kio Macdonale... Eh, this is a true story. Not making it up. The chase thief group!

And here we have the people from NTU... hurray!

And the rojak group... kelvin (NUS), Amanda (SMU), Zhiqi(SMU) and Yvonne(NUS)

And not forgetting...the cool people from NTU HALL 14, BLOCK 65!!
How can I live without you....hahaha.

Okay, back to studies... nuthin funny this time round. Shall let Danny have a chance...haha.

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